About, Credits, & Thanks

Hiddeninthesand.com (HITS) is a fan site for the band Tally Hall. But unlike traditional fan sites which tend to offer the same content as their patriarch, HITS is a fan HEADQUARTERS; a central location for fans of Tally Hall to gather in order to learn, communicate, associate, and mingle with other fans of Tally Hall.

It’s a Tally Hall feed reader. It’s a community, made and maintained for the fans BY the fans.

You can learn more by browsing the HITS Website FAQs.

Hiddeninthesand.com was created, designed, and was wholly maintained by Coz Baldwin, until his passing in 2022. Currently All graphics & content herein is property of hiddeninthesand.com, unless otherwise noted, and should not be re-distributed for sale by any other person or entity.

The photo of Tally Hall in the masthead was taken by Jennifer Tzar and is used with permission.

I’d also like to mention that the HITS Toolbar is made by Conduit, is not spam and, to the best of my knowledge, it’s 100% safe to install on whatever browsers they currently support. I personally customized the toolbar to give you instant access to all the most popular feeds from Tally Hall & HITS. So, no matter where you are on the web, you will be notified of something new. So feel free to download and install this very useful toolbar.

Thanks to the wonderful, passionate, and dedicated fans/friends on the Tally Hall Forums (RIP) who helped to inspire and motivate me to build this site by providing me with encouragement and enough content to launch the site in 2006. Many, many, endless thanks to those who continue to contribute content to this site as well.

Finally, a BIG thanks to those who have donated to the hiddeninthesand.com fund. Without your help, this site wouldn’t be nearly as cool as it is now.

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Thanks for making this the best Ultimate Tally Hall Fan Headquarters on the web!