Henry Hume IV: Dead at 36

Henry Hume IV, famed collector of muffins, has passed away at the age of 36.

From The Tally Hallmanac:

“Henry collects muffins and has been doing so for the past nine years. He collects all sorts of muffins, from the basic poppy seed to lemon weed from the bluest blueberry muffins to muffins only the imagination could bake. Henry collects muffins from all of the world. As time wore on, the world took notice of Henry’s collection and soon enough Henry had become a world famous collector.”

We will always remember Henry from his appearance in Tally Hall’s Internet Show, episode 7 “15 Seconds of Bora” (seen below) and for witnessing, and subsequently losing, his prized possession: The Black Grain, Triple Chocolate, Truffle Muffin of Whales (Net worth $70,000).

Mr. Hume achieved many notable awards during his lifetime, including the 1st Place Trophy in the 1999 Advanced Muffin Competition and the highly regarded L’Fleu d’Muff award.

The news was announced today via Henry’s Twitter and Facebook accounts:

The cause of death is still under investigation, but an anonymous source indicates it is likely suicide by muffin. We are told that neighbors of Henry heard a commotion in Hume’s apartment, tried to help, but it was too late. There was nothing either of them could do.

Henry Hume’s Muffin Collection on YouTube

Reactions are currently pouring in from admirers all across Twitter.

Donald Trump tweets about Henry Hume

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