Interview With Edu (AKA Andrew Horowitz)

Andrew Horowitz, Tally Hall’s “Green Tie” has released his first solo album under the name Edu, a childhood nickname.  The 9 song compendium was released on cassette tape, which presented a problem for many fans. The first music video has just been released for the song “At The End” and it, too, harkens back to the days of magnetized tape recording by duplicating (or actually being recorded on) VHS.

So, why cassette tape? We’ll get into the reasons behind that decision and more in this interview exclusively on

HITS: The record player popping can be heard in a number of songs throughout the album. What’s the significance of it?

Andrew: i just liked the sound and intimacy it adds to the recording. it’s as simple as that.

HITS: How did you record it? (tools used, who helped & their roles)

Andrew: i recorded most of it in my apartment on my laptop. i have basic recording equipment that anyone with a small budget can put together. “nowhere else” was co-produced with ryan brady, and for that one we did some recording at his place. on “hey you,” i recorded some rob guitar and vocals at his apartment. after recording, i had some help mixing and mastering the project. this wasn’t my original plan, but i’d spent so much time on it that i figured, why not? “sketches” is basically a diy project i recorded whenever i had a window of time.

HITS: With the exception of Lemons & Pears which is at least 8 years old, are all the other songs fairly new?

Andrew: yes, most of the songs were written in the last couple of years.

HITS: By the way… gun shots? In Lemons & Pears? Totally changed my interpretation of the song. Did you always know they’d be there for when you recorded it?

Andrew: no, that’s the beauty of the recording process. i start recording with a general idea of what i’m going for, and as i record, new ideas pop up.

HITS: What are your desires for this release? Was it done out of a need to create or are you hoping the recordings go somewhere?

Andrew: “sketches” was done mostly as a desire to create. with tally hall, it sometimes takes years for songs to be released. and most of what i write never sees the light of day. so i wanted to get away from that and just record something independently that i could release under my own timeline. that said, i hope people like it/relate to the music, and the audience grows.

HITS: Tell me more about the inspiration behind recording them on cassette.

Andrew: i’m actually somewhat surprised this isn’t more common. why release a cd? our primary method of ingesting music is digitally. at least with a tape, it’s warm, personal, handmade by me, and something that can’t just be ripped and trashed.

HITS: You once debated with Joe Hawley on what makes a good singer. Could you tell me your final stance on the issue?

Andrew: did i? ha. i’m guessing i said it was about conviction and tone, feel and originality.

HITS: What are the future plans for edu (touring the songs, more recordings, etc.)?

Andrew: i’m working on my second release. the tone will be darker, more baroque. i have no timeline at the moment, and like “sketches” it’ll be done when it’s done. i hope to do some focused touring if the right opportunity comes along.

(EDITOR’S NOTE:  A song that perhaps may end up on that 2nd release called “Tomorrow & Today” was included in a German music blog’s mixtape.  You can read more about it here.)

HITS: Please tell of any other interesting facts you wish to share about this EP/experience.

Andrew: hmm…i’m really happy i took this step. it’s opened some doors and helped me grow as a producer and songwriter. i encourage anyone even thinking of recording a song or filming a documentary or starting a new adventure to just DO IT. because in the end, the worst that can happen is failure, and failure is better than nothing at all.

You can listen to a couple other songs and purchase a copy of Sketches on Andrew’s BandCamp page, and yes, he provides a digital copy for you, too.

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