Instagram, Edu, and THATS Where You Wanna Go

It’s been a relatively eventful day in the world of Tally Hall. I just wanted to document it all here so everyone’s up to speed.

I announced that I’m using the HITS Instagram more often.

I also announced, via Instagram (and other social media) that there’s a new Facebook Group called THATS: Tally Hall Auctions, Trades, and Sales. It’s essentially a group to buy/sell/trade Tally Hall merchandise. So if you put something up on ebay or Discogs and you want to promote it, you do it here. Or perhaps you want to sell directly to the members of the group; you can do that, too. Or maybe you want to trade one piece of merch for another — or maybe not and I just needed the letter T so I can make a good acronym! Who knows!

Already, people are also using it as a spot to post their WANT ads (things they want). I’m not sure if I want to see the group go in that direction, so that might change.

You can find a link to THATS over in the right sidebar. Or just go to: THATS! “Where YOU wanna go!”

Finally to round out the day, Andrew announced the Sketches work he teased a few weeks ago. He’s calling it Sketches 3d and he’s remixed/remastered/fine-tuned (3d) the tracks, selling it on vinyl and on digital stores. He also redid the album artwork and got some real drums on one of the songs. This is a Kickstarter we’re talking about, here. So go and kickstart it, won’t you?

Click to Kick

I think that’s all that happened!

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