Andrew Horowitz & Friends Live in Boston 5/17/24

May 17th 2024 marked the final of the 3 Jukebox the Ghost shows in which Andrew Horowitz was performing, & I think they saved the best for last! I ended up in Boston bright and early at 8 A.M. And knew I’d be playing a waiting game until the big show, and luckily a friend of mine was able to come get me! Goose and Nof came all the way out from Arizona to be here, and we spent a good majority of our downtime together! 

Ruby Red poses outside the venue with her friends

After exploring Boston, we arrived 3 hours early and were the first ones there, and we had a grand old time just talking until more and more fans of both bands arrived. The fun didn’t stop as a lot more people I knew were here, among them my good friends Shark, Zach, Kelden, and Maddie. I was overjoyed to see that they’d all made it safely! Melody of course was able to make it to this one as well, making her and I the only 2 who saw all 3 acts! Something that shocked me about this particular event is that I had 4 or 5 people ask to take pictures with me specifically, which felt odd, but also enjoyable!

We made our way into the venue where some JTG fans allowed me front row access to the performance. My big group of friends and I had a blast talking while waiting for the show itself to begin, we karaoke’d, talked, and all of us signed the pizza box that Zach had brought his vinyl in!

A crowd poses for a picture with a signed pizza box

Finally the lights dimmed, and out came Andrew, followed by Bora, and Ross, and the show began. No Illicit Ghost this time, as her and I seemingly switched places, since she was in Philadelphia. The show featured many of the same tunes we’ve grown accustomed to from these performances, with a mix of Edu and Tally Hall alike, although one song took everyone off guard, and had the crowd raving.

Bora began singing Moon Waltz, a song by his band Cojum Dip, and one that hadn’t been performed live…ever! It was the most surreal moment (performance wise) I think I’ve ever witnessed, and everyone was eating it right up. I’m still in shock that that moment actually happened, and I’m very lucky to have the set list that says “Moon Waltz” on it, a piece of history.

The remainder of the show was perfect. Andrew, Ross, and Bora continue to prove that they are stellar musicians through and through. Ross did extra well this time around, since the show was on his home turf and he could provide a full drumset. Bora’s outfit was absolutely killer, and Andrew…he almost destroyed his keyboard…

They cleaned up and I was able to get my setlist, as well as a Hey You! Lyric sheet, and Bora’s guitar pick that he used to play Moon Waltz, absolutely amazing.

The show was over and the lot of us piled into the lobby area where we each talked to the 3 for hours on end…I don’t think any of us were paying attention to JTG…

The gentlemen once again showed off how kind and caring they are for the fans, each fan getting their respective time with the gang. After many signings and pictures with everyone and everything, I got my chance to talk to each of them, all of them remembering me without fail. Ross and I discussed our interview, both of us agreeing it came out very well and we talked percussion and life like we do best, it’s nice talking to a fellow percussionist. Bora was super down to earth and we exchanged jokes at each other’s expense, and overall had a lovely time together talking Cojum Dip. Last was Andrew, and he personally thanked me for all of the support I had offered up throughout each night, which really warmed my heart. It’s a super special thing to be a big part of something after you’ve idolized it for however long.

After talking about Tally Hall and related things for a while, Andrew went to grab something that I knew was coming, a trophy of sorts if you will. He brought out the keyboard he had used for all 3 shows, in its box, and signed it to me in my name. It was an absolutely heartwarming gesture and a solemn goodbye of sorts, and it was something to behold. I will treasure that board forever and use it for all future music endeavors.

After the venue spilled out, I made my way back to Goose’s car but not before catching Tommy Siegel at his tour van. Despite not going specifically for him, he seemed to have the kindest words of all. He said “These shows will feel a little more empty without you here”. That meant a lot to me, those 3 were also amazing to meet and see live, so I’ll be going to more hopefully soon.

And with that, the shows were over, and while I’m saddened, I’m happy I got to be there. I got to meet 3 of my idols, and form friendships with many that will last a lifetime. Hopefully with the conclusion of these shows, the doors will open for more Tally Hall content delivered by me to you guys, and hopefully more interviews!

Thank you Andrew + friends for performing, Jukebox the Ghost for hosting, all of my amazing friends (new + old) for standing by my side at these shows, and an extra special thanks to Andrew specifically for all the special gifts along the way, and for treating me like more than just another fan.
Thank you most of all to HITS, for engaging with my articles and welcoming me with open arms as a part of the team. Thank you. I look forward to Sonic Lunch 2024 where Andrew will be performing again, hopefully with added support from his friends as well!

Until next time, stay Red my friends

Ruby Red

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