Madison 04.02.06 — by: Kate

Whew! I just got home from the awesomest concert ever! Finally, I’ve seen Tally Hall in person, and I’m just so euphoric right now.

11am: My dorm’s front desk finally opens, and I get my TH Monitor package. Along with the shirt, I got posters, postcards, and CDs promoting the tour. Woohoo for free stuff to give away!

6pm: My boyfriend and some friends of ours all meet up and get ready for the concert. Oohing and ahhing over free stuff. Then we head to the concert.

7pm: Doors open at the Annex, the band’s not quite done with sound check so we get to hear some sweetness.

7:15pm: Sound check over, they let us in, and we get to hang out with the band for a few minutes. Really great guys, all of them. And yes, Rob, there are a lot of lakes in Madison. Big lakes.

8pm: Opening band begins, called 7 Weeks or something like that. Pretty good band, but I wasn’t really paying attention. I was waiting for THE HALL.

9pm: Tally Hall comes on. By this time there are about 30 people there. It was small, but still awesome. They played Good Day, Greener, Welcome to TH, Taken for a Ride, The Bidding, Be Born, Banana Man, Spring and a Storm, Two Wuv, and Ruler of Everything.

They also threw in the new “Living a Dream in a Time Machine”, the remake of “All of my Friends”, a “Break It Down” remake, and an ultra brand new song about “Being a Child” or something like that. I was in awe with the new song, it’s kinda sappy and sweet and very TH. And at the very end they played Just A Friend.

10:05pm: The show ends. Everyone crowds to the merch table for shirts and CDs and free stickers. I bought the bird shirt, my boyfriend and others bought Demos CDs. Joe and Zubin then got into a competition over who has the better signature. Zubin won.

After much autographs and conversation with the band (and with Rob and Ross being reprimanded for walking away), we finally got to pictures! (We didn’t get any during the show, we just in awe of the Tally goodness.)


10:45pm: My friends and I finally leave the concert. It was amazing. Better than amazing. We go to finally see Tally Hall live, and it was just amazing. With all the new songs, a promise for more songs in future concerts, and even A STORY to be told over the next three concerts, I can’t think of anything better to do a on Sunday night for the next four weeks.

Alright, I’m done now.
Yours in Tally Hall-ness,
Kate πŸ™‚

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