Madison 04.16.06 — by: Kate

Happy Easter! Tonight the Tallies were in Madison again, and what a show it was!

I got there at 7:40 or so, expecting that the doors had already been open for 40 minutes. However, the doors were still locked, and I was the only person standing outside waiting! After about 10 minutes a guy (*not* Al) walked up and yelled at the guy sitting inside, and he opened the doors.

I walk in, and the guys are finished with the sound check. I run into Andrew and Ross and start talking to them about Easter and Passover and kosher-ness. Then they run off to dinner while I wait for the rest of my group to show up.

Finally my boyfriend and his sister show up, and we wait for the opening act. The concert was very late to start, the opener didn’t go on until 8:30. Their name was Buffali, and we pretty good, when they were understandable. Kinda vulgar, but OK.

Then Tally Hall. And a surprise: Andrew didn’t have his tie!!!! He was wearing a gray tie. And had a new haircut. I didn’t know who he was. (j/k) As I found out later, Andrew forgot his garment bag in A2, and they didn’t have time to go to the store for a new tie.

At last the show began. The playlist (in approximate order):
Do It in the Road (with 6 dancing bus drivers) Welcome to Tally Hall Good Day Greener The Bidding Haiku (with drunken singing) Ruler of Everything Banana Man (with a fan streaking across the stage in yellow pants) Two Wuv At Least A Day Spring and a Storm (with cheese additives) I feel like I’m missing one but I can’t remember what. Darn. πŸ™‚

It was a very small show, 20-30 people only, but that was expected since it’s a holiday. At the end of the show they announced that next week will be a very long set, and they will take requests for ANY Tally Hall song. Even obscure ones. Like Inside the Mind of Simon!!! I’m ecstatic.

Afterwards my group and I went and talked to the band for a while. We got some stickers, bought stuff, etc. I got a picture of Andrew and my boyfriend and I and the mysterious gray tie (unfortunately on a disposable camera, so I have to get it developed and scanned before you can see it). The band also gave us some real Wisconsin string cheese, which had been shipped to Michigan and then shipped back to Wisconsin. It was renamed “Spring Cheese” for the occasion, and was constantly mentioned in Spring and a Storm. And I told them about my ambigrams for their names, Rob was touched that he was a “Born Actor”.

In all, although the show was small and started late, it was yet another awesome show. I’m really looking forward to next week, I even got off work to go to the show.

And unfortunately, no pictures this time. I’ll try and get a bunch next week.

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