An Entire Concert Experience at The Echo 7/27 – by Justin

So. it was HellYa! night at the Echo in LA california and tally hall was playing.

being the justin that I am, i had to go.

so i called up my cousin, trent, and my friend, john and we went to see the show.

We got in the car and drove. we never saw the venue, but we saw the van, and as we were crossing the street, who’d we see?


so we asked him where we can go park. he told us. he was wearing a man made “Seconds tick like boulders” shirt. it was cool.

we were like, 2 hours early, so we casually walked in and who was sitting there!? tally hall.

I had gifts for them in the form of california license plates with their names on it, bora even got one.

they signed a photo of us in my backyard for me. a tresure for keeps.
we talked for a bit and than they did their sound check. i videotaped it.

They went out to get food, and as soon as they stepped out of the venue I heard them vocalizing for some screaming girls, and they ran off down the street. probably very funny. yes. it was. SO. people began to come in, i talked with bora. it was fun.
than after a sub par explicit horrible performance by Glacier Hiking, my pals and I dashed to the front of the stage and we were ready for the hall.

“TALLY HALL! TALLY HALL! TALLY! HALL!” screamed about 43 people. and finally tally hall came onstage.


it was amazing, see the video as soon as it gets up for the show.

some dumb kids with snakes on a plane shirts jumped on the stage during just a friend. it was retarded.

the encore song was Turn The Lights Out with an added verse. it was cool.

than I went outside where I got my homespun TH shirt signed by el bando.

I met alot of tally fans, it was great. I even met speagsmanatee. he was a crazy man. speags and justin. im the short one

than i went outside and I talked with da boys.

i got them all to sign my shirt

this is joe. signing my shirt

joe signing a shirt

thats my cousin in the pink shirt. his name is trent.

I thanked all of the boys and especially rob for putting the lunch together earlier that week.

they told me that it was awesome I waited for them for a while and that i am a great fan.

they were sad i couldnt go to spaceland or the taping of the craig ferguson show.

all in all. it was a good night.

after my goodbyes with rob he gave me a hug.

“wow rob, you are a sweaty man”

“yes, i am”

“well, thanks again this was awesome”

“justin, thanks for supporting us till we came here”

“yeah, well, i gotta go now”

“dang, you’re heading out?”


“alright man”

“yeah, see ya”

walk away.

than drive by the front of the venue blasting banana man as loud as the speakers would go.

it did turn some heads.

it was a very fun night.

i hope the video gets up soon. because its great.

– justin cornwall

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