09.15.06 Madison, WI

Woohoo! I love Tally concerts!!


I arrived at the Annex at around 9:15. The openers were supposed to start at 9:30 and Tally Hall at 11pm. Of course, concerts always run late. I sit down and wait, I see Ross and Rob and Andrew walking around but they look busy so I let them be.

Rob then notices me and walks up to me, says “Hey, how are you, long time no see!” I was really excited, he at least recognized me after 5 months of being away. He asked about my boyfriend and his car and other random stuff. It was cool.

Later, the first opening act came on, Sean Michael Darigan and two others. Not bad, really corny jokes but still fun. During this act Andrew notices me and proceeds to strike up a conversation, really fun. (BTW, none of them remembered my name, but that was kinda expected).

The second opening act was Mark Mallman from Minneapolis, he did some piano hard rock that I really didn’t like. He’s got mad keyboard skills though. Rob, Andrew, and Zubin all came up to watch this act, I got a nice sideways pic of them standing next to me. Then, at last, it was time for the main performance: TALLY HALL!

They started playing at around 11:50pm, so almost on Zubin’s birthday. At exactly midnight I whispered “Happy Birthday Zubin” so as not to give away the occasion, and at around 12:30 a group of girls yelled out “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZUBIN” at the end of a song. The early set list:
Hidden in the Sand (with Joe on the ukulele)
Welcome to Tally Hall
Taken for a Ride
Good Day
The Bidding
Greener (complete with my own version of the Greener dance)
Misery Fell (I LOVE this song, it’s very cool in person)
I’m Gonna Win

Then they started the “social experiment”: an acoustic set IN the audience; no lights, no mics, just pure voices and bongos and melodica. It was SWEET. Only downside was the group of drunk girls standing right in front of Joe and Zubin, who insisted on making tons of noise and singing along with the band.
Be Born (acoustic)
Haiku (acoustic)
SaaS (acoustic)

Then back to the stage:
Just Apathy
Turn the Lights Off (They just started up on this one with no introduction, so everyone in the audience was like, “Huh? What’s this song?” I, however, proceeded to sing along and dance like crazy.)
Banana Man
Two Wuv (This was one of the highlights of the night. Ross did a mega-cool drum solo, complete with flashing lights, a fog machine, and the other band members paying homage to his greatness. Uber-hawesome.)
Ruler of Everything

Then for an encore:
Do It in the Road
Just a Friend (PTERODACTYL!) (with….HENRY!) (they also re-did the drum solo here, since Rob couldn’t remember the words and the first drum solo didn’t go exactly right [some lights didn’t go on right])

It was a great concert. As you can see, very long play list, they did a huge number of songs. Of course, we all wanted more, but they were tired and worn out.

So after the concert, I cornered Zubin and gave him his birthday gift. For Zubin: A game of Old Maid. He was touched and thankful and it was his first birthday present of the year. Then I gave Joe his birthday present: a game of Go Fish (educator approved!). Joe was equally touched, and conspired with Zubin on how to best use their new card games for good. Decision: POSSIBLE VIDEO SOON. I was ecstatic.

Zubin also told me about the Good Day video, they’re really hoping to have it done by SEPTEMBER 23RD, for the Blind Pig concerts, but he said they may not finish in time.

I then talked to Andrew, he was impressed by my hand-sewn skirt (see picture). He also told me that they’re getting NEW TSHIRTS ON WEDNESDAY. Apparently they have something to do with Marvin’s, because they needed Marvin’s permission to make the shirts.

Then I talked to Joe again, and got some questions answered that you all wanted to know:
-High Hopes commercial: Joe has a copy of it on VHS/DVD, but refuses to release it. He doesn’t think we need to see it, and apparently he’s wearing a really weird shirt. Anyway, point being, we’re not gonna find it.
-RoE/Juno: Joe apparently picked the name at random, he didn’t mean it to be anything controversial. He likes the idea of Juno being an androgynous name, and if nothing else, it’ll just be “Joe’s special thing.”
-Time Machine: Axed. Sorry. I begged them all to bring it back, but they’re not too keen about it. Maybe in the long future, but not anytime soon.

Another cool moment: We had another engagement!! If anyone remembers the group of “bus drivers” that were at all the April concerts, well two of them got engaged at the concert. The band heard it, and started to get all mushy, and a bunch of cool pictures were taken. There actually exists a picture of Rob proposing to Zubin, with many tears. It’s hilarious.

So that’s my story of this wonderful concert, I want them to come back soon! I actually also told them I may have a gig for them in February, if they’re interested. Joe said send them more info, and they’ll consider it. Sweet!

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for, the PICTURES! FYI, since I just got my camera, and I’m still figuring it out, most of my pictures are horribly blurry. I apologize. Although, my favorite is the one where Zubin looks like he’s on fire. Enjoy!


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