5/23/09 Middle East Boston


The show was fantastic! And a strange experience.

I went by myself because the friends who were supposed to come didn’t buy their tickets before they sold out. When I got to Boston with an hour until the show started, I decided to run to my friend’s apartment to drop off my stuff… but when I got to the door I realized I had forgotten the key he gave me at home (he was still in Maine so I thought I’d be homeless). Eventually his landlord let me in, but by the time I calmed down and left, it was around 9:30.

Needless to say I was really worried that I’d miss some of the show. I didn’t really care about the openers but I had heard via Twitter that Ross was drumming for April Smith, so I wanted to catch that.

Luckily when I got there not even April had started. There were three openers- Deezy and the Brobots, April Smith and Malbec. Though I ADORED April and Malbec, I’m almost glad I missed one of the openers- by the time Tally Hall took the stage the crowd was VERY eager to see them.

But fun fact! While Ross was drumming for April, Rob came out to take a picture with his iPhone and stood next to me. We said hello and he asked me to reach over some heads and take it for him. (See his Twitter feed!)

So then (finally) the vested Tally Hall took the stage! I was off to the far left again, about one row back (some bitches were sitting on the stage). They started off all kneeling down and rising while “Jai Ho” from Slumdog played. (Yeah, cause it sounds like it says “Tally Hall”.) They started off with A Lady and Sacred Beast. From there I remember the following songs (but not in this order:
You and Me
Never Meant to Know
Turn the Lights Off
Hymn for a Scarecrow

And their last two songs/encore were with Bryan something- the tuba player! He played for WWaY and TUBA IN JUST A FRIEND! It was hilarious and magnificent!

After the show I bought the album on vinyl and snagged a promotional poster. I tried to wait around to talk to the band but only Ross, Zubin and Andrew were out and were all busy with others. By the time I talked to Ross (when I only stupidly got the chance to ask “So… how’s the tour going?”) The club was kicking people out. Plus Andrew was a little tipsy πŸ˜›

Over all it was fun, but a bit stressful! I wish I had the chance to talk to the band more and ask them about the new album but there’s always next tour right?

See SmashThSilence’s photos from this event here: http://www.hiddeninthesand.com/gallery/v/concerts/52309middleast/

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