Union Hall, 2/26/09

I dont have a good memory, which is why I don’t usually contribute to the FanJournals. I remember feelings moreso than actual events. So, I apologize in advance for not being able to detail too much here.

To tell you the truth, I’d been kinda worried about the new album’s material based on Sacred Beast & Never Meant To Know. While Sacred Beast still has not captured me too well, Never Meant To Know has quickly risen to a point I find myself very excited about. Definite “single” potential.

I noticed minor changes in I’m Gonna Win & Misery Fell.

Misery Fell remains a thing of beauty and the changes don’t affect much at all, but I miss at the end there was more of a yell when they get to the “WHY! OH! WHY!” (as evidenced at 2:22 of this clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKDRHn4-jzc) but now it’s being sung instead of yelled. I told Joe I missed it, but not enough where it changes the song so much.

I’m Gonna Win was also never a favorite of mine, though I was a fan of All Of My Friends…. so, explain that. HOWEVER! Joe changed a chord up in the chorus which Rob plays a harmonizing minor-key lead over which, for me, really completes the song. I want to have a recorded version of it. Plus, seeing that song performed is much better than listening to it, even if it’s a live performance.

I will tell you that the list of songs we compiled as possible songs on the next album are all outdated. They’ve written a TON of songs just over the last year…. and even more just in the last few months.

The song Angela referred to (in the forums) which Joe sings without any harmonies is called “&” pronounced “And”. It is stunning. I can’t even remember why. I do recall there was a bluesy groove going on at the end which gets everyone’s heads/bodies moving immediately.

Another song I remember featured Joe and Andrew playing a delicate melody overtop of each other. I don’t even remember if this song had vocals. But I do remember that when they were done, someone behind me noted on how cool that song was. I agreed. It could be what Angela found to be called “Mind Control”. Zubin had to sing off a lyric sheet for one of the songs… which, again, I know I enjoyed but can’t remember a damn thing about.

I really enjoyed all the NEW stuff I heard.

Unlike Sacred Beast & Never Meant To Know, which sound like they are written in the Happy Monster Band era, these new NEW songs are definitely not. There’s not a lot of whimsy coming across in the melodies, though they retain the humor in the banter between songs.

(This next factoid is mainly for Oliver, but I’m sure all of you will enjoy it)
Zubin has written a song. They were thinking of playing it on Thursday, in fact, but it just wasn’t solid enough yet. Will it be on the album? The answer to that and every other “Will _____ be on the next album?” all lies in the hands of the record label, now, folks. The band makes their rough demos, sends ’em over and hopes for the best.

I was given the honor of hopping up on stage and getting into a huddle with the band as they asked me for a pep talk. I hate being caught off guard, so I showed them a secret handshake and wished them all a good show. Then I was asked to hit a bunch of random keys on Andrew’s keyboard to get the soundscape going on the intro to 13, leading into Ruler. The audience had no idea what I was doing up there, I’m sure, as none of what was occurring was being picked up by the mics.

I am thoroughly grateful to Joe for letting me crash at his place, which really was why I was able to make the decision to go; knowing I didn’t have to come home in the middle of the night. While at the bar I did get to meet and hang out with Angela(lala) and a lovely, young actress & friend of the band named Lindsay with whom I discussed film and micro-expressions with. And… I got to see the cramped, little rehearsal room. I really had a great time. It’s hard not to say this was my most memorable of TH shows. As always, they were gracious and friendly. It was a real honor; a real treat.

For those wondering… Joe now is obsessed with the meaning of names (see: babynames.com, his new fave website) and good vs. evil. Ross really enjoys living there and definitely considers DJing a newfound passion and is semi-actively pursuing it as a side career, neither of which would be nearly as possible if he lived in AA. They all seem to enjoy living there, I’d say.

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  • May 20, 2009 at 9:52 pm

    “While Sacred Beast still has not captured me too well, Never Meant To Know has quickly risen to a point I find myself very excited about. Definite “single” potential.”

    exact opposite for me here. I am super excited for Sacred Beast and I can’t stop whistling the whistling part 😀

    and I love misery fell, but the Beatles influence is just too heavy for me at the soft parts.


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