Great Scott, Allston, MA, 3/3/10

Last night was really incredible. A few hours before the show, I had gotten a phone call from Rob asking if I could help pass out papers for people to sit on during their set. I ended up not needing to because sitting on the ground is against MA fire code laws.

JTG was pretty great, though 2/3 of the band were sick and/or jetlagged and you could tell. Tally Hall did the whole first half of their show at the back of the room playing “quiet” songs. I had snagged a stool right at the front. They had lamps and it looked like a living room. It was an incredible moment. I’d forgotten how much I loved the band. They played two brand new songs during this half and also Casey’s “Life in a Cube,” which happens to be my favorite song of his. I don’t remember much about the two new songs, but I do remember that both of them were GORGEOUS and sounded a lot like the rest of the songs we know are going to be on the album. The second half of the show was back on stage. It was mostly “new” stuff (stuff you’ve heard if you’ve been paying attention at all for the past year or so). There were a few technical difficulties and it was weird to not see Joe up there, but it was such a unique show that I was very glad I went. It’s like owning a copy of M4 with the typo on the spine- it’s a mistake and it’s not how it should be, but it’ll never happen again, so you can appreciate it.

After the show I got a picture with Casey and talked to Zubin and Rob, both of whom were very friendly and gave me a hug. I asked if they knew anything about a release date and they said that there were going to be a few people from the label at tonight’s show (3/5) and would get some kind of answer after (which is awesome but also kind of scary because of the missing Joe). I asked about Joe (I didn’t ask why because I figured it was something fairly personal or they would’ve told us) and Zubin said that he wouldn’t be back by tonight but that he was alright.

Set list:
****First “quiet” half****
The Bidding
Taken for a Ride
Who You Are
The Trap

Just Apathy
Life in a Cube
Whole World and You
****Second Half****
Out in the Twilight
Good Day
You & Me
Never Meant to Know
Misery Fell
Ruler of Everything
Cecilia (Cover/sing-a-long)

3 thoughts on “Great Scott, Allston, MA, 3/3/10

  • March 5, 2010 at 12:09 pm

    Thanks for this, Jill! You listed the song “You”. What’s that? You’ve already listed “You & Me” and the new one “Who You Are”… so is this another new one or was it mistakenly added?

  • March 5, 2010 at 3:23 pm

    You might be that quiet Andrew song. I’m certain that Who You Are is the mystery Rob track in my post, though.

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