(you can totally skip this part if you want to, as it is merely anecdote. stuff about the show itself is down there.)

This was actually my first Tally Hall concert ever, despite being a fan since around 2005 or 2006… I think. A combination of being in high school without a car, having parents with strict vehicular rules (no one my age could drive me), and not having any TH-fan friends made it difficult. BUT THAT WAS ALL IN THE PAST, and when Tally Hall announced their Good & Evil Tour I was set on going.

I should note here that when I spotted part of the band, I was a little starstruck/disoriented because this was the first time I’d ever see them in real life. Thus, the interaction I had with them was brief and a little awkward (at least on my part). The pedestrian construction bridge/walkway separating us didn’t make it any less awkward. My conversation skill dropped to the level of a middle school girl who has just learned sarcasm. And I never introduced myself.

My best friend and I arrived on the scene at around 7:30. (Doors were opening at 8.) Whilst walking towards the venue, I saw some of Tally Hall & Co. unloading their U-Haul and yelled, “TALLY HALL!” Rob shouted back, “GIRL!” When I got closer, Rob asked me if I was here for them.

Me [brain fumbling with words]: UH, why WOULDN’T I be?*
Joe: Well, why WOULD you be?
Me [mouth fumbling with words]: Uh…ah…er…you have me stumped there.
Then Joe Joe-smiled at me from behind his small, round sunglasses (reminiscient of John Lennon’s).
*See what I mean about the middle schooler who just learned sarcasm?

Rob then noted that I was actually the first person to arrive, which was a little embarrassing.** I asked if there was a prize; Rob said there was a PUNISHMENT. “Oh no,” I said, “Well, I’m not actually here!”
I think I feigned running away but it turned into actually running away because at this point, people who knew the guys were coming up to them and introducing THEIR friends.
**I wasn’t actually the first one there. A small line had formed around the corner of the Troub’s block (where they were instructed to wait).


Welcome To Tally Hall
Sacred Beast
The Trap
Who You Are
Turn The Lights Off
Good Day
Out In The Twilight
Misery Fell
A Lady/Never Meant To Know/Pure Imagination
Hymn For A Scarecrow
You & Me
The Whole World And You
Just A Friend (ENCORE)


  • TH came out in plainclothes to do their soundcheck. When they finished and began to leave the stage, Andrew thanked us all for coming out. After a few minutes, some people in the crowd started to chant “ONE MORE SONG! ONE MORE SONG!”
  • Bora joined the band on stage for most of the night. He was the first one out and stood behind a microphone while his pre-recorded voice greeted us. This recollection totally lacks the awesome Bora-ness that was the introduction…it was just so…Bora!
  • Zubin broke a bass string after the first or second song. This has never happened before. Rob: “We’ve been bringing a back-up bass for FIVE YEARS for TONIGHT!”
  • Some people danced Joe’s Greener dance during “Greener”. The guys slowed down for each chorus and it made me feel like I was at a high school dance.
  • Josh (?), who won a theremin performance for that night, was invited to the stage to play “The Trap”. At this point, the drunk girls to my right and my tininess convinced me to move from the floor to the balcony. It was a good choice. Rob called for a theremin solo at the end of the song, but Josh missed it. Rob mentioned this. Zubin said, “Next time.”
  • Bora played the accordion in “Who You Are”!
  • Ross lost a drumstick towards the end of a song (forgot which song, but I was up on the balcony already) and deftly pulled out a spare while playing! Afterwards, Joe threw it into the crowd.
  • “You” almost immediately became one of my favorite songs in G&E, especially when juxtaposed with a livelier, heavier song. It was the perfect follow-up to the bass-heavy “Turn The Lights Off”. Rob, Zubin, and Joe took a seat stage left so all eyes were on Andrew and Ross (but probably mostly Andrew since he sings)! It was a sweet moment.
  • After “Good Day”, Zubin briefly talked about the release of Good & Evil and how happy they are that it’s finally reached us. I think Zubin described it as “wonderful”—then Joe added, “and horrible.” Zoob totally lost his train of thought.
  • Bora filmed Ross’s powerful drumming part towards the end of “Misery Fell” with what looked like two cameras!! BORALOGUE?!?
  •  A Lady/Never Meant To Know/Pure Imagination was executed beautifully! The crowd cheered in between each song, and though I kind of wish everyone had kept quiet in a reverent, OMG-this-is-so-beautiful-we’re-waiting-with-bated-breath-for-what’s-next kind of way, LA’s enthusiasm was a very good thing.
  • “Hymn For A Scarecrow” is so, so good played live. Bora sang Ross’s part at the end, but I saw Ross singing along anyway. Put a big grin on my face.
    I loved seeing the guys getting into the big build-up in the instrumental. I know that Tally Hall loves playing their music, and I saw it especially in this song, I think. I always feel warm and fuzzy inside when I see musicians doing their thing unhindered.
  • “The Whole World and You” was the last song in the official setlist, I think. (Yay, an Andrew song to close!) Zubin, Rob, and Joe huddled around Zubin’s microphone to sing the la-la-las, which was so cute.
  • Rob came out first a few minutes later, took his mic, and said that this was technically the second encore. “Let the record show.” Then he began to rap?/sing?/speak? “Just A Friend” and everyone, naturally, went nuts.  In the breakdown before the last verse, Rob came forward and said, “Thaank you El-Aaaaayy” in a way I could only describe as… bashful. And cute. Then he said some more words before Zubin or Joe reminded him that they still had to finish the song. Which they did. Brilliantly.

In closing, Rob looked pretty tired last night; in fact, I’m sure all the guys are a little tired now that they’re about halfway through their tour. But they performed excellently and had as much fun as the audience did—proof that these guys are great musicians and people. SPEAK (who’s with them until the 10th) and Casey Shea are worth listening to as well. SPEAK sold their EPs for $1; my friend and I bought them immediately after their set. If Tally Hall’s coming to your town soon and you’re still on the fence about going to their concert, HOP OFF OF IT and join the band!

I hope we treated you well, Tally Hall! ONE MORE SONG!

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  • August 4, 2011 at 6:38 am

    I think I saw you there. Are you a small asian woman that was behind a red-headed man in a purple tie in line?


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