Ross Federman at Sonic Disco, 7/30/2021

July 30th 2021, the day I got to see my first Tally Hall related performance, and it was a fun one.

It was a free dance party event in the middle of a street in Ann Arbor with Ross Federman and Michael Dykehouse as DJs. After a day of visiting record stores and of course making a stop at Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum, I decided to show up a little bit early. It was just me and a few other Tally Hall fans, each of us stopping to talk with Ross. He was super nice to us all, taking photos with fans and signing stuff after a short chat.

It was around 7 when the show started, Ross was playing a bunch of oldies on reel to reel tapes for a crowd mixed of people there just to dance and people there because it’s a Tally Hall member performing. It was cool seeing other people interested in this semi obscure band that hasn’t done anything for 10 years in person. I was planning on recording audio of the show but unfortunately my audio recorder refused to work, if you want to experience the setlist though Ross has made a playlist of the songs he played on Spotify.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay for the full show, but it was great from what I got to see. Being able to meet Ross and chat with him a little bit alone made it worth it. I will definitely try to make it to any other Tally Hall related concerts I have the chance to see. My complete set of photos is available here on Smugmug.

Here’s a short video I recorded on my way out.

Thank you to Coz for letting me write this!

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