Hugs, Boats, and Front Row

Now, this is going to be a compilation of a couple different dreams that I’ve had. I’ve had more, approximately 30, but there are only a few I can actually post.

First: I was walking around a dimly lit building and suddenly see Tally Hall playing an acoustic set in full uniform. I walk closer to them and just stood there watching. Zubin looks up at me and goes ‘What?!’. I said ‘Nothing. It’s just that you guys are my favorite band.’ They said I could sit down. I did and listened to them play. They finished and got up on a stage, I got front row, and then a bunch of TH fans filled the room, including my closest friends, who aren’t fans of Tally Hall at all.

Second: I went to a concert and afterwards, I was talking to Zubin, and he asked me if I played bass. I said I only played it on Rock Band. He was very disappointed about that. Then we continue talking. At some point, he pulled me into a hug. Then Joe came over and all three of us started talking while I was still being hugged by Zubin.

Third: This was the night before their boat show. I went to a concert (it was a recurring theme at the time because I hadn’t gone to a concert of theirs yet) and I was talking to Joe and asked him if he had ever been on American Idol. He stared at me for a few minutes before he said that it didn’t really matter. I then proceed to ask if he was going to play Hidden in the Sand at the boat show the next day. He said maybe and asked if I was going to be there. I unfortunately couldn’t go. Then I started talking to Zubin and he gave me a handmade gift.

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