Whispers Of A Concept Album Begin

Do we have a Tally Hall concept album coming our way?

I pose this question with much doubt, mind you, but it still is worthy of asking.

The theory was first presented in the band’s official forums by Jill (aka olwhatshername). She notes that the new song A Lady has “the feel of something a bard with a fife might play” and how it transitions into Sacred Beast (as seen in that YouTube clip of A Lady) which she notes is lyrically talking about slaying a beast, battles & war, mentioning kings and queens, etc.

Continue thinking about the lyrics in the other songs. Misery Fell talks about a town of people desiring peace. But then those of us who’ve put some time into our Tally Hall song collection recall an old little gem by Joe called Inside The Mind of Simon (aka ITMoS, seen here being covered by Bora’s band Cojum Dip) which is absolutely riddled with majestic, medieval imagery, which seems to also share a common thread or two with Never Meant To Know.

As we hear the new songs as they trickle in on YouTube, we hear that A Lady sounds exactly like a song called &. They do, in fact, share the same exact infectious melody. Plus, & begins “Came back again to make it clear” as if to call back to A Lady. If I was building this album I would put A Lady as track #1 and & somewhere in the middle.

Well, now… looks like we’ve got a perfect opportunity for a 3-song medley to present itself by closing out the album with a part 3.

Go back in time, now, 3.5 years ago, when Joe specifically said he envisions ITMoS as part of a 3-song medley. Skip back to 3 months ago when I tell Joe people are still obsessed with that song and how it’s their #1 pick, still, to be on the next album. “Really?!” he quickly says with shock in his voice. Then he basically says if we ever hear it again, it will be different from what we’re used to.

Could ITMoS be the 3rd part to a 3-song medley? Could it, as well as all the other songs be tied together to form an entire concept album? It’s too early to say, but no one can deny that there’s a chance, with all these common themes and melodies, that we may be in for something bigger than all of us previously imagined.

Please join the discussion on the Tally Hall forums, where we’re already beginning to talk about this. Or leave your opinion below if you’re not a message board kinda guy/gal.


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