Tally Hall To Play (Miss) Skinner’s Hall

Tally Hall’s agreed to play an elementary school already tricked out Tally Hall style, or, one classroom of it at least. Please take a moment to read this pretty darn cool story proving how awesome Tally Hall is. And this teacher. And the principal.


the room colors became yellow, red, grey, green, and blue (corresponding to the guys’ ties, for those of you not in the know). banana tokens were given for good behavior. the tables were arranged into colored “tie” groups. the room’s entrance greeted you with “i’d like to say ‘hello’ and welcome you, good day.” the by the games, a sign read, “we like to play it all.” leaving, you saw, “miss skinner would like to say, ‘there’s no one better than you.” and so it went, throughout the room. there was even a small “shrine” to the band itself in the back corner of the room.
it was perhaps more eccentric than most classrooms in the school, but it was fun. and that year’s fifth graders became tally hall fans.

I hope someone involved follows up with a FanJournal entry (and submits photos to the Galleries) after it’s all said and done.


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