Celebrities Who Love Tally Hall

So the other day, Darren Criss (from Glee) held this live webcast thing on Celebuzz where he took song requests and played them live.  A few people tried to get him to play a Tally Hall song since he’s a fan of theirs.  It didn’t happen.  Surely not because he chose not to, but because there were so many requests coming in.  On the other hand, he didn’t have any intention of playing them or else he would have.

This got me thinking about a recent poll I held on HITS’ Facebook asking where people first heard of Tally Hall.  96 people have answered so far and 47% of the replies were some sort of word-of-mouth; something not related to seeing them on TV, hearing them on the radio, having their video featured somewhere, or any other “by chance” type introduction.  These are methods where someone specifically showed them or made them listen to Tally Hall for the first time.  That’s how effective word-of-mouth is with Tally Hall (and many other things/artists for that matter).  In fact, only 1 person of those 96 first heard them on The Late, Late Show,  1 person heard them on the radio,  1 person heard them on The OC,  and 1 person heard them on the Crayola commercial.

So all of these things THEN made me think about people out there who have some level of fame who enjoy Tally Hall.  I’m talking about standard celebrities from TV & film as well as internet celebrities; people who have a lot of followers on Twitter, YouTube, etc.  But I don’t often see them display their fondness of Tally Hall.  I know they’re out there.  I hear about them from time to time.  I know you’re watching!

Of course, as I write this, Andrew tweeted that he received word that Jonathan Coulton (also a known fan of Tally Hall’s) played something of T.H. at a recent show of his.  Nice.

Now, I’m not trying to make anyone feel guilty, here.  I just would like to make a plea to anyone with some  clout  that if you care about Tally Hall’s success and have the power to introduce a lot of people to them, take that opportunity.  Especially once Good & Evil is released.  This is a very important time for Tally Hall and though they’d never ask their “famous friends” to help them, I’m gonna do it for them.   I don’t know how much publicity they were going to get out of Atlantic Records, but that potential’s gone now.  They NEED word-of-mouth advertising more than anything else and while I obviously feel everyone reading this, regardless of popularity, should help out with that… I am especially hoping those who have the most influence over the most people contribute to this cause.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Celebrities Who Love Tally Hall

  • May 6, 2011 at 5:43 am

    Tom Milsom loves them. That’s where I found them, on his tumblr. He’s sort of a youtube celebrity.

  • June 7, 2011 at 7:29 pm

    I searched for “Tallyman” on You Tube (Jeff Beck song) and it came up with the Banana Man video. From then on I was hooked!


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