Tally Teens I

I myself am a writer and mostly write romantic fiction, but I decided to take swing at writing a fan-fiction for this. Please note that I got the idea for this story from the author of Tally Tots. I continued with the theme that they all grew up together. Hopefully, more to come.

“How the years have passed,” Joe contemplated while plucking a few strings on his guitar, referencing to the time when they were all toddlers.

“I still remember the day clearly when you got your first guitar,” said Zubin in agreement.

“But we had no clue how to hold it.” They all laughed at the memory. They were all in high school now, Joe being the oldest at 16 and Ross being the youngest at 14. It was a Saturday morning in November and they had all collected over at Ross’ house for some sort of surprise.

“So, do you guys remember my mom saying that if I wanted a drum set, I had to get really good at it?” Ross said while making their way up to his room.

“Yeah,” They all responded. They stopped in front of his bedroom door.

“Well, she saw how good I was and got me…” he said while opening the door to his super-organized room. In the middle of it was a black Pearl drum set, “… this.” They all stared in awe.

“That’s awesome!” Rob stated while running over to it. He, along with Andrew, began to examine it closely. Ross approaches it, sits down in the chair behind it, picks up the drumsticks, and begins playing a simple four-beat rhythm that involved the kick drum.

“Sweet!” Andrew said excitedly.

“Can I try it?” Zubin asked with curiosity.

“Sure,” Ross said while handing him the drumsticks. Ross then proceeds to teach Zubin an easy rhythm and they all laugh when he hit the snare and the drumstick bounced off.

After half an hour of jammin’ out on drums, they begin to get a little bored.

“Well I believe I must go. I have a friend I need to meet up with soon,” Zubin said while heading towards the door.

“Would this “friend” happen to be your girlfriend?” Joe asked teasingly.

“Maybe,” Zubin said while blushing.

“Zubin and Taylor sittin’ in a tree. KISSING!” They all said in unison.

“Oh knock it off,” Zubin said with a smile.

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  • February 21, 2010 at 9:34 pm

    That is fantastic. I really love it.


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