Tally Teens Pt. II

Okay, so for this part, I don’t think it’s as good as the first, but I decided to post it anyway. Plus, this one is longer. Since I write romantic fiction, of course I had to put something a tad romantic in it.

“Come on, this is our only chance,” Rob said in a convincing tone.

“I don’t know. I just started playing bass,” Zubin said.

“But you’ve gotten really good,” Andrew said, encouraging him.

“I still don’t think we should,” he said. They were talking about the Battle of the Bands competition that was happening that weekend. They had just gotten out of school after their last midterm exams. They were walking around downtown A2. First place in the competition won $125 per member and studio time, “even if we did, we still need a band name.”

“We can come up with one while we practice,” Joe said after looking up from the flyer he had in his hand. The deadline was in two days.

“What about a song? I don’t write lyrics or anything to that extent.”

“Joe, Rob, and I have each written one song,” Andrew said while they turned at a street corner. They finally find their favorite delicatessen in all of Ann Arbor, Zingerman’s Deli. Zubin remained quiet, thinking carefully. The rest of the boys began to shiver from the cold winds of December outside of Zingerman’s.

“Fine!” Zubin exclaimed, relinquishing his stand on the subject. They all high-fived before entering the deli.

After eating some hot food, they braced themselves for the blistering cold again.

They hurriedly ran the few blocks to the theatre to enter the competition.

“Do you have a band name?” The lady at the front desk asked. They looked at each other, realizing they needed one fast.

“Well”¦ we’re called”¦ umm,” Joe stuttered.

“Tally Hall,” Zubin finished for him.

“Like the old mini mall?” She asked while writing it down.
“Yes.” They let out a silent sigh of relief.

“Okay, you guys are all signed up. The competition is on Sunday. You’ll each get nametags and such when you get here.”

“Thank you.”

“You know, you guys are the youngest people by far who have entered this?”

“Really?” Rob asked stunned.

“Yeah. Before you, it was two really talented boys named Zach and Mark who are at least twenty.” They all looked at each other with nervous eyes. Really talented?

“Well, thank you again,” Ross said while they exited.

“How are we going to compete with twenty year-olds? They’ve probably been in music longer than us,” Joe said, worry coloring his tone.

“Don’t worry we have something they probably don’t,” Zubin said.

“And what’s that?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t think you would ask.” They all chuckled while heading to Joe’s van.

On the way to drop Ross of at his house, they decided to play Joe’s song, I’m Gonna Win.

Over the next few days, they practiced for long periods of time. Zubin learned so much that he even made a bass line for the song.

Finally, the day arrived and they were ready. They each wore a specific color shirt. Joe wore red, Zubin wore blue, Rob wore yellow, Ross wore gray, and Andrew wore green.

As they packed their instruments in Joe’s van, Joe began telling them some information about Zach and Mark.
“I’ve been asking around and Zach and Mark met through the same guitar instructor when they were both six. Zach plays guitar and Mark plays bass. So, basically they have fourteen years of practice prior to this.”

“We are going to lose,” Rob said while they climbed into the car and rode away.

“Don’t be negative, Rob. We could still have a chance,” Andrew said, trying to stay positive.

“Only if they get struck by a meteor or something.” Ross practiced a drumbeat on his legs for the rest of the car ride.

Downtown was crowded. They found spot close to the theatre and quickly unloaded the instruments.

After getting their name-tags and such, they went to their assigned dressing room and waited. Zubin and Rob paced while Zach and Mark did their sound check. Their improv was awesome.

“You guys will be going on last, okay?” A woman said while popping her head in the door.

“Thank you,” Zubin said while picking up his bass. It was a right-handed version of Paul McCartney’s. Zubin then began to play the chords to Twist and Shout.

“Why are you playing?” Rob asked.

“It helps me relax.”


Soon enough, the show started and they stayed in the dressing room, able to hear it from there. When Zach and Mark went on, which was right before them, they became tense, filled with nervousness. They played a cover of Freebird that sounded just like the original, including Zach playing the solo. After ten minutes the song ended.

“Thank you everyone for coming. We have one more band, but we just need to take a little break while they set up,” a woman’s voice said. They gathered their instruments and went onto the stage. They acknowledged the fact the theatre looked bigger from there. They helped Ross set up after doing a quick sound check.

Finally, it was time. People were coming back in. The woman who was onstage with them began talking.

“You guys ready?” She asked.


“Good luck.”

“Thank you.” The lights shut off and a solo light surrounded the woman. She grabbed a mic.

“Now, I would like to introduce to you, the one and only, Tally Hall!” She said and the crowd applauded as the lights came on and they began to play.

Halfway through the song, people were bobbing their heads along to the beat.

They end the song, bow, and get a big round of applause as they exit.

“Now, our judges are going to decide the winners, so we’ll be back with the results in a few minutes.” Tally Hall waits patiently for the anticipated results.

Minutes later, the crowd calms as the woman and the judges enter the stage.

“In third place, winning $50, is Hannah Gerard,” Hannah goes up and grabs the check, “in second winning $75, is the Dynamic Duo,” they do the same, “and in first place, winning $125 each and a record deal is”¦ Tally Hall!” The boys stood in awe for a few seconds before going on. They get the death glare from Zach and Mark as they go on, but they don’t care for them.

After loading their instruments into the van, Taylor approaches Zubin, holding a blue tulip. She hands it to him and gives him a hug.

“You did awesome. Congratulations,” she says while looking up at him.

“Thanks, Tay,” he responds, then gives her a quick kiss on the cheek and jumps in the van.

“We did it,” Joe said while putting the car into drive.

“Yeah, but I’m wiped out. It’s late,” Rob agreed tirelessly while leaning back in the seat.

“Me, too,” Zubin says.

“Me, three,” Ross agrees.

“I’m hungry,” Andrew states. They chuckle and head to the nearest 24 hour restaurant. They celebrate with a feast of burgers and fries at a popular diner. It was the perfect end to the perfect night.

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