Tally Tots II

“Who is that?” Zubin asks his buddies.

“I dunno, she just moved in down the street, I guess,” Rob dismisses the topic while he fiddles with Joe’s guitar.

“How do you have my guitar?” Joe’s confusion colors his tone.

“I think she is coming closer,” Zubin ignores the guitar talk. The five of them look at the girl jumping rope about three fourths of the block away.

“I don’t think so,” Andrew replies.

“I found it,” Rob turns his attention back to the instrument.

“You found it on its stand, in my room?” Joe sounds suspicious.

“Uhhhh…” Rob is at a loss for words.

“I really think she is getting closer,” Zubin insists.

“You are seeing things,” Ross responds without looking.

“Did you take that from my room? Because I don’t remember handing it to you,” Joe continues his questioning undaunted by Zubin’s apparent fascination with the girl.

“Joe, some questions are better left unanswered,” Andrew sagely states.

“Did you get that from a fortune cookie?” Ross teases Andrew.

“Seriously, how can you not see that she is closer?” Zubin gets insistent. At their friend’s tone, Ross, Joe, Rob, and Andrew turn to once again look at the girl. She is currently only halfway down the block.

“She is closer,” Joe declares incredulously.

“I told you that she was,” Zubin bellows triumphantly. They stare at her for a minute. All she does is jump rope while twirling around.

“Well, she’s not moving anymore,” Ross turns back to face Andrew.

“Do you have to piddle on people’s moments like that? First, you pick apart what I said, which was good advice by the way. Now, you harsh all over Zubin’s girl,” Andrew scowls.

“She’s not my girl! She’s just a girl that happens to me coming closer,” Zubin defends himself.

“You have been awfully intent on her,” Rob comments while still playing with Joe’s guitar.

“Rob’s right about this one. The rest of us are over here, holding our own conversation and all you can do is comment about where she is in reference to you,” Joe chimes in. Andrew and Ross jump on the bandwagon by nodding their agreement.

“Bu…bu…bu…” Zubin gapes.

“Seriously, my mom will have a cow if I loose this thing,” Joe turns back and tries to grab his guitar back from Rob.

“But you didn’t loose it. I had it,” Rob tries to appease Joe while holding on to the guitar.

“Let it go!” Joe yells as he tries harder to yank his guitar from his friend’s grasp.

“You’re going to break it!” Rob cries as he holds fast to the guitar. They struggle back and forth for the guitar.

The girl stops jumping rope and runs at the boys. They freeze in shock. She gives Joe a big kiss right on the lips.

“Aww, shot. I thought you were supposed to get a handsom prince when you kissed a frog,” she says before she skips all the way back to her house.

“Uhh, what were we talking about again?” Joe asks, dazed.

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