Tally Tots

Tally Tots

“…and then I was all excited because I thought that I was getting the new Nerf gun that I have been asking for. But when I opened the box, this was inside,” Joe dramatically finishes his tale for his friends.

“What is it?” Ross asks.

“It is not the Nerf gun that I wanted,” Joe pouts.

“I know what it is! It’s that thing that El Kabong uses!” Rob excitedly imparts his wisdom.

“Ohhh,” the other four intone together. They all stare at the acoustic guitar sitting on the floor.

“What am I supposed to do with it?” Joe throws his hands up in frustration.

“Duh, you hit something with it and it will make a cool sound,” Ross rolls his eyes.

“Let’s hit the trash can with it,” Andrew suggests.

“No wait! I think it can make a cool sound without breaking it to pieces over something,” Rob interjects.

“Girls love a guy with a guitar,” Zubin adds smugly.

“Dude, we are like 5 years old. Girls are still have cooties,” Joe looks at his friend like he is nuts.

“Not to mention that they are all around yucky,” Andrew acts like he is explaining something that everyone should know.

“Didn’t El Kabong do something else with his guitar?” Ross suddenly asks.

“I think he held it like this,” Zubin demonstrates by holding the guitar backwards and left-handed.

“No, it was like this,” Andrew snatches the guitar and holds is right-handed, but still backwards.

“You both are idiots. It was like this,” Rob patiently holds the guitar correctly before handing it to Joe.

“Don’t bands use guitars too? Let’s start a band!” Joe gets excited.

“Why would anyone want to be in a band when they can be…an ASTRONAUT!” Rose poses while he declares his career choice. Joe, Rob, Andrew, and Zubin collapse on top of each other laughing. Ross joins them a split second later.

“Besides, you can’t have a band with four guys with no instruments and one guy that can’t play the guitar he has,” Zubin gets out between his fits of giggles.

Joe sticks his tongue out at Zubin. The friends detach themselves from their pile and start to head home. Lunch was a very important time of day, after all. After they finished eating, the five of them could once again be free outside. They each wolf down their food and hit the door before anyone can stop them. Back in the park, the five friends are once more mesmerized by the guitar.

“What’s up, Joe?” Zubin asks when he notices Joe’s sullen look.

“Not only did I get this guitar instead of that totally amazing  new Nerf gun that I really wanted, now I hafta take lessons with it too,” Joe whines.

“No. Way,” Andrew gravely states.

“Way,” Joe sighs.

“When do you have to start the lessons?” Ross sounds like he is talking about a prison sentence.

“Next week,” Joe frowns.

“It might not be so bad…” Rob trails off at the incredulous looks his playmates give him.

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