Tally Tots VI

“Who’s ready for a completely awesome night?” Joe booms out at his friends.

“Nice costume,” Rob is the first to comment.

“Thank ya, Thank ya very much,” Joe poses to show off his red jumpsuit.

“I like yours,” Ross compliments Rob.

“Who doesn’t love bananas?” Andrew adds.

“That’s some crazy hair you have there. Who are you supposed to be?”  Zubin says as he joins the other boys.

“I am clearly the great composer Beethoven during his deaf years,” Andrew musters as much indignation as he can.

“Did he wear a green suit?” Ross asks.

“Don’t make me poke your eye out,” Andrew play threatens while waving his baton like a sword.

“Where did you get those pants?” Zubin suddenly notices what Ross is wearing.

“Dude, I got this all from a trunk in my attic. Isn’t it great?” Ross beams as he exhibits his bellbottoms, grey band shirt, and tie-dye headband. His costume is kind of like the clothes were meant for someone older and the name of the band is not something any of the boys has ever heard of.

“I didn’t know they made blue fedoras,” Joe comments about Zubin’s costume.

“Fly me to the moon,” Zubin warbles to add to his costume’s effect.

The five boys take off down the driveway of the first house, toting their pillowcases. The lady that answers the door takes them all in and tells them how dapper they look. Scrambling from house to house the boys collect all sorts of things in there makeshift bags. The fact of the matter is that each one of the boys had put a lot of thought into their choice in candy collection bags. The cute, plastic containers do not hold as much loot as a pillowcase.

“Jackpot!” they all shout together after leaving a house that was handing out full-sized candy bars.

“This night has been great! I mean, look at all the stuff we got,” Joe riffles through his bag.

“I loved the house with the strobe light and the scarecrow that grabbed your hand when you reached for the big candy bowl,” Zubin smiles at the memory.

“Don’t forget the house with all the tombstones in the front yard. Did you see the one for a pigeon? Who would even think to bury a pigeon?” Andrew shakes his head.

“I liked the guy juggling chainsaws,” Ross excitedly shouts.

“Uh, Ross, did you go trick or treating before you met up with us?” Rob sounds suspicious.

“Nope, why?” Ross’ confusion is evident.

“Your pillowcase is way more full than ours,” Rob persists.

“No it’s not,” Ross looks around to compare sizes.

“Hey, it is,” Zubin accuses.

“It’s a miracle on Halloween!” Ross announces when he realizes that his bag is, in fact, the most full.

“There are no miracles on Halloween,” Zubin sighs.

“Look at my bag. We went to the same houses and my bag is fuller. What else could have happened?” Ross demands.

“Uh, I think that I ate too much candy,” Joe moans.

2 thoughts on “Tally Tots VI

  • March 9, 2010 at 8:56 pm

    Exactly who or what are each of them supposed to be. I know for a fact that Ross is a hippie, Rob is a banana, and Andrew is Beethoven, but I’m not so sure about Zubin and Joe.

  • March 9, 2010 at 9:50 pm

    Okay, here we go.
    Andrew: Beethoven
    Joe: Elvis in his jumpsuit years
    Rob: Banana
    Ross: Hippie
    Zubin: Old Blue Eyes (Frank Sinatra)


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