Tally Tots VII

“Why can’t Zubin bring whatever he wants to show us to the park?” Ross asks while he, Andrew, Joe, and Rob walk to their friend’s house.

“He told me that he couldn’t take it out of his house yet,” Rob explains.

“I bet that means that he is not allowed to take it out of his house yet,” Joe laughs.

“Whatever else it means, it definitely means that we have to go to his house to see the thing that we don’t know what is or even whether it is worth the trip,” Ross pouts.

“The whole trip down the same block that we all live on?” Andrew quirks an eyebrow at Ross.

“Yes, the whole trip down the same block we all live on,” Ross sticks his tongue out at Andrew.

In no time at all the four boys find themselves at Zubin’s door. There is some jostling as they try to push each other out of the way to ring the doorbell. The end result is a pile containing Joe, Rob, and Ross. Andrew sidesteps them and pushes the bell with a victorious grin. The other three give him murderous glances from their place on the ground. Zubin throws open the door with a huge bang in his excitement. He practically drags his friends all the way to his room.

“TA-DA!” Zubin practically bursts as he presents his surprise with flourish.

“It’s a giant guitar on its side,” Ross says as everyone except Zubin tilts their head to the left.

“Clearly it is a bass, which is waaaay cooler than any old guitar” Zubin rolls his eyes.

“What do you mean, better than a guitar?!?!?!?!” Joe accuses.

“I even get to stand on a chair or stool to play it. You can’t do that with a guitar,” Zubin gives the air of authority and superiority.

“When you said you could not bring it out of your house yet, you literally mean that you cannot take it out of the house. How did you get it through the door?” Ross inspects the bass closely.

“Well, I didn’t get it in here. Duh,” Zubin’s tone is incredulous.

The boys circle the bass for a few minutes. Zubin pulls over his desk chair to play a bit. They pull over Zubin’s record player and listened to records while their friend tried to play along. There is nothing like the sound of vinyl. More than a few sour notes are hit, but overall Zubin does pretty well for his first time playing his bass. But, as happens with all little kids, they soon grow bored and their attention wanders back outside.

Sadly, the blue day started to turn grey while they played tag in the park. They boys play happily, not noticing the clouds moving in. Each boy hears his name being called. They ignore the first time, but eventually head the shouting when their stomachs start to growl. The rain starts softly as they all hurry to their respective homes.

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