Tally Teens Pt. III

I know, it’s been a long time since the last time I wrote an installment for the Tally Teens Series. I’m just having trouble thinking up ideas. Also, I think my ideas are starting to go downhill since the first one. And I have been also a tad obsessed with the Beatles, so I decided to toss them in. Anyway, here you go.

“Rob, I thought you got over being a kleptomaniac,” Joe said while taking back his newest guitar.

“Apparently not,” Zubin said. Rob, after years of not doing so, had taken Joe’s guitar without asking.

“I can’t help it,” Rob said, defending himself, “My mom won’t let me get a new guitar. I’ve been stuck with the same guitar for two years now, and it’s so beat up that whenever I play it, it sounds like two cats attacking each other.” Besides the argument and stealing, it was your typical Saturday morning in December.

“You can help yourself. You were able to stop when you were six. I don’t think now’s any different.” They were hanging out at Andrew’s house, in his living room. Ross had his bongos, Zubin had his bass, and Andrew was sitting in front of Jesus, his piano. Only the five of them knew its nickname. An old record player was playing Parlophone, a record from the Beatles.

“I have an idea. There’s a store about ten minutes away that sells really cool vintage instruments. Do you guys wanna go check it out?” Joe asked. A resound of ‘Yes’ answered back. Leaving their instruments behind, they skuddled into Joe’s minivan and rode off.

After arriving in the store, they each wandered off to a specific section. Rob followed Ross to the drums so he wouldn’t sulk about not being able to get one of the guitars.

Joe stood in front of the racks of guitars, trying to find a good one. Suddenly, he laid his eyes on a black and white Gresch hollow body, like George Harrison’s in the early days of the Beatles. One of the guys that worked there walked up.

“Are you interested? That guitar is very special,” the guy said.
“How so?” Joe questioned.

“It belonged to George Harrison himself. He had it specially made for the show at the Cavern in ’63,” he said, then pointing out the specific details that made it different from the others of its kind.

“Wow. How much is it?” Joe asked, marveling at the prized guitar.

“$200.” Joe riffed through his pockets, pulling out $200, a majority of it being from a Battle of the Bands competition, the rest from chores, and handed it to the guy. “And I’ll get you the case that goes with it.”

Joe eventually is able to leave the store and put the guitar carefully in the trunk of his car without anyone noticing. Just as he closed the trunk, heard chatter as the guys approached carrying the treasures they had gotten at the store. Ross held a Cajon, two brushes, and rhythm sticks. Andrew has a tambourine, and Zubin has a new Fender bass as well as a travel amp. Rob looks solemn.

After loading up the stuff, Joe drops off all the guys at their houses, dropping Rob off last.

At his own house, Joe writes a card anonymously explaining how important the guitar was before attaching it to the guitar itself and driving back to Rob’s house. He put the guitar on the porch and managed to cheese it to the next house before Rob could see it was him.

Of course, Rob answers the door and a look of awe spreads over his face as soon as he sees the guitar. Rob reads the note and carries it inside. Joe drives away triumphantly.

The following Monday at school.

Joe enters the school courtyard, his acoustic guitar in tow. Joe spots Rob with the rest of the band, sporting his new guitar, playing for the group of girls that surrounded them. Rob sees Joe, stands up, and walks over to him.

“Thanks,” Rob says while giving Joe a pat on the back.

“How did you know it was me?” Joe asked, wondering if Rob had seen him on Saturday.

“Dude, I’ve seen your handwriting before. Now, come on,” Rob said while they walked back to the bench. Joe pulls out his guitar, tunes it, and they begin to play And I Love Her by the Beatles.

2 thoughts on “Tally Teens Pt. III

  • April 27, 2010 at 9:23 pm

    I don’t care if it is sad, but I love that you use the piano’s name. It still makes me giggle a bit. Great installment!

  • April 28, 2010 at 5:45 pm

    Also, you must have some kind of connection. I had been meaning to post the newest installment of Tally Tots for a couple days…


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