Tally Teens Pt. IV

Just a little side note, my brother gave me the idea for this part. Hope you like it!
“Why are we at a park in the middle of December? This is Michigan. It snows here,” Zubin pleaded while hugging himself for warmth.

“But it’s sunny,” Andrew stated, pointing up at the clear sky.

“That doesn’t change the fact that it’s cold out here.” Suddenly, something cold and wet hit the back of Zubin’s head. He reaches to touch the spot where he was hit to find remnants of snow. “Okay, who threw this?” He asked very seriously, eyeing each of the boys. Joe then throws a snowball at Zubin, hitting him right in the face. The boys laugh at his expense while he wipes away the mess. “Oh, it’s on now,” Zubin challenged while grabbing a snowball and throwing at Joe, hitting him square in the shoulder.

“Hey!” Joe cried out.

“You started it,” Zubin stated while grabbing another snowball and throwing it at Joe. He dodges and it hits Rob in the stomach.

This then proceeds to start an all-out snowball war.

After about an hour, they are wiped out and covered in snowball remnants.

“I’m tired,” Rob states as they walk away from the park.

“Me, too,” Ross agrees, peeling off his beanie, revealing a dry head of hair.

“Hey, I think I see a gray hair,” Rob says while looking at Ross.

“Na ah.”

“Yeah hah.” They then get into a mini fistfight. “Fine. You don’t have to believe me, but it’s still there.” They then say goodbye to each other and go to their houses.

Once Ross gets home, he heads straight for the bathroom to look for the alleged gray hair. Soon enough, he finds it. One lonesome gray hair.

“Well, it’s just one. I don’t think anyone will notice,” he said to himself.

Over the next week and through Winter break, one by one, more start to pop up here and there, becoming more noticeable.

After break was over, Ross was in the courtyard talking to Rob at lunch.

“Dude, I told you that there was gray hair. You’re never going to get a girl when you have gray hair,” Rob said.

“Yeah, thanks a lot, Rob,” he says sarcastically, “Like I’m not already having trouble getting a girlfriend.” It was true. Ross wasn’t exactly a ladies man, especially since he was a freshman. The gray hair was just adding to the problem. The bell then rang, signaling them that lunch was over.

“I’ll see you in 6th period, bro,” Rob said while giving him a man hug.

“See ya’,” Ross said back, then heading to fourth period.

After school, Ross walked to the nearby drugstore, gets hair dye, and goes home quickly enough before anyone he knew recognized him.

In the privacy of his own bathroom, Ross attempts to dye his hair.

After a gruesome fifteen minutes, he washes out the dye, thinking he was successful. He blow-dries his hair to see the results faster, only to find out it had gone horribly wrong. There were random streaks of orange all throughout his hair. While sulking, he hears a knock on the door.

“Yes?” He asks, nervousness showing through his voice.

“Is everything okay in there?” His mom asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” he said while running his hand through his hair. Without warning, his mom opens the door and gasps. He braced himself for a scolding, but instead of that, his mom starts to laugh. He blushes a deep red.

“Sweetie, I know you have gray hair. You get it from your dad. But next time you want to dye your hair, come to me, okay?” She said after catching a breath.


“I’ll schedule a hair appointment for tomorrow afternoon.”

“Tomorrow afternoon?”

“Sorry, Hun, but it’s late now.”

“Fine,” he said in a huff.

Tuesday morning, Ross walks into the courtyard, a beanie covering his hair and Cajon in tow. Luckily no one else was there.

“Hey Ross,” a girl’s voice said from behind him. He jumps a little and turns around. It was Sally, a girl from his old middle school.

“Oh, hey Sally,” he said, relaxing a bit.

“What’s with the beanie?” They were friends, so he was fine with her seeing the horrid hair.

“Well…” He then pulls off the beanie to reveal the orange streaks. She giggles a little bit, but soon recovers.

“Did you dye your hair?”


“Well, I’m sorry that happened to you. But why did you do it?”

“If you haven’t noticed, I started to sprout gray hair.”

“Well, I don’t think gray hairs would have been as noticeable as these,” she said while tugging at one of the orange streaks.

“I guess not. But I’m getting this fixed this afternoon, so I won’t look crazy.”

“That’s good. Well I gotta go to my locker, so I’ll see later.”

“See you later.” Sally walks a few steps, but then stops.

“Hey, the chorus his having a little celebration at Zingerman’s after our concert on Friday. Do you want to come? We haven’t hung out in a while.”


“Great. See you then,” she says with a smile and walks away.

“See ya’”

“What’s with the hair,” Rob’s voice said behind him. Ross quickly turned around. The rest of the boys were there as well, holding their instruments.

“I dyed it.”

“Nice,” Joe said sarcastically, “You look like a wack job.”

“I may be the one with the wack job hair, but at least I’m hanging out with a girl on Friday.” The others go ‘Ohh,’ in response to his diss.

Ross puts his beanie back on before any of their classmates could see the wretched hair, sits on his Cajon and begins to play a random beat, leaving the others to do improv along to it. Students begin to fill in the courtyard, some of them forming a crowd around the boys. They make requests and they play until the bell rings. Ross got compliments from the people who saw the improv saying how awesome it was. It was just another way to make the day better.

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