Tally Teens Pt. 6

Hello, fans and friends, here is the next installment of Tally Teens. I delayed the posting because of the whole conflict about the band. Anyways, here it is.

“So what’d you want to call us over here for?” Ross asked Andrew as he threw himself onto the couch in Andrew’s living room.
“Hey, be careful. My mom doesn’t want that couch to get messed up,” Andrew responded.
“I’m not gonna mess it up. And besides, since when do you care what your mother says?”
“You have not faced her wrath.”
“Oh, I’m shaking in my Converses,” he said while shaking his black Converse clad feet, “but you didn’t answer my question: why are we here?” The rest of the band nodded their heads in agreement.
“Well, I have some news regarding my piano career.”
“What? Please don’t tell me you’re quitting the band. We can’t risk losing you,” Joe said, a hint of worry creeping up into his eyes.
“Thank you, but no. I have a recital coming up in two weeks.”
“So what? You’ve done a dozen before and performed onstage with us. What’s the deal?” Rob asked while tossing his car keys in the air and catching them repeatedly.
“A really important guy is going to be there to give out the John Lennon Songwriting Scholarship award. If I win, then I’ll be the youngest to ever get it.”
“And why are you telling us this?” Zubin asked while raising an eyebrow.
“I need you guys to be there. I won’t be as nervous or stressed if you all come.”
“Sure, why not?” Ross said as he got off the couch. “And even if you don’t win, you have the band to fall back on.”
“Yeah,” Andrew agreed, feeling a bit better.
Over the next two weeks, Andrew practiced obsessively, barely making time to practice with the band.
When it was time for the recital, Andrew was more nervous than ever. He listened from backstage to the other performers. They all sounded brilliant, especially one named Brandon Lowry.
When Andrew’s name was called, he froze in terror for a few seconds before going onstage. He performed a song called the Whole World and You. When he finished, he got a hearty round of applause as he walked offstage.
“That song was awesome!” Rob said as Andrew approached the boys after the show was over. “When did you write that?”
“Before I told you about the recital,” Andrew answered, not looking at any of them.
“Dude, what’s wrong?”
“That’s what’s wrong,” he said while nodding his head to someone behind them. Brandon had just been awarded the scholarship award.
“Well, that sucks,” Rob said.
“No duh,” Andrew responded glumly.
“But, like I said, you always have the band,” Ross said, trying to sound hopeful.
“Yeah, but it would’ve been cool to win the award,” he said as they all walked out of the symphony hall.
“Who knows, maybe when we’re in college, you’ll get it. And in the mean time, you’ll get over it.”
“I sure hope so.”

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