Tally Teens Pt. VII

“Where exactly are you taking us?” Joe asked as the five boys crossed the lake to where the drum graveyard was.

“It’s something I just found last week while searching through the woods over here,” Zubin answered.  The boys continued on in silence as they approached the shore.  Zubin led them through the woods for quite some time before they approached a two story, abandoned house.  The windows were broken in, the paint was faded and peeling.  It had a mysterious feel to it, as if it were haunted.

Zubin continued into the house without hesitation, while the other four were cautious.  They followed Zubin into the house, not wanting to lose track of him, down a creaky set of stairs into the basement.  Looks of awe spread across their faces when they saw what was in there.  There were umbrellas, blankets, flashlights, a WWII sleeping bag, an upright bass, an old record player, and a stack of about ten vinyls.

“This is… awesome,” Rob said, stunned, “how exactly did you find this?”

“I got bored looking through the drum graveyard and decided to walk around and found this.” The boys ventured around the rest, having fun trying to scare each other before meeting back in the basement.

“This place is really cool,” Ross said, settling himself on the stiff sleeping bag.

“Hey, be careful.  That was my granddad’s,” Zubin pleaded.

“Hey, has anyone seen Joe?” Rob questioned while looking around the room.  Joe was nowhere to be seen.

“You mean he didn’t come back?”

“Do you see him?”


“Then he obviously didn’t.” The boys frantically searched for Joe.  Half an hour later, they had searched everywhere.  Well, everywhere except for the attic.  They shoved each other to go up until Andrew offered to go up first.  The stairs that led up were very creaky, as if they would break at any moment under the boys’ weight.  They all made it up safely and looked around the cobwebbed attic.  It had the creepiest stuff you could imagine: colorful wigs, insane hats, creepy masks, innately carved statues, and the likes.  It was freaking the boys out.

“Booh!” Joe said from behind the boys.  They all screamed as they turned around.  They screamed even louder when they saw him wearing a creepy red bird mask.

“What the hell, Joe?” Zubin exclaimed.

“You should’ve seen your faces.  They were hilarious,” Joe said while laughing.

“Yeah, hilarious,” Zubin said sarcastically while swiping the mask from Joe’s hand, “where did you find this?”

“Follow me,” he said while taking the mask back and turning the other way.  There was small box filled with the same masks, but in blue, yellow, gray, and green.  The boys grabbed their respective colors and began fooling around with them.

“Who would have these?” Rob asked as they left the house.

“I don’t know, but they’re badass,” Joe said while holding his mask to his face.

“Yeah.”  Nightfall was approaching, so they quickly skuddled into the boat and rowed home.

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