Jennie’s “Tally Hajj” — 04.08.06


A 3-Act play based on a true story. Dialogue may not be 100% accurate because even reality is deceiving.


“Preparation, departure, arrival”

Scene 1: The O.C.

Lights up on a teen-aged girl, JENNIE, sitting on a couch in her living room. She is on the phone with JOANNE and EMORY as she watches TV. The O.C. comes on.

(Good Day begins to play)



(All laugh)


[Jennie] Should we call Speags?

[Joanne] Oh, sure let me try.

(Ringing is heard)


[Joanne] Hello?

[Jennie] Hello!

[Speags] Hello!

(conversing continues; Joanne continues to pee)

JENNIE packs; exit JOANNE

[Speags] This is quite the phone party.

[Jennie] Oh, yes.


[Joanne] I just came down the stairs and fell over.

[Speags] You fell down the stairs?

[Joanne] No, I ran into a wall.

(Conversing continues)


(The plug for Tally Hall comes on TV after the O.C.)

JENNIE screams and pees a little


[Jennie] (laughs) Well, I have to leave for Ann Arbor now!

[Joanne] Call me as soon as you get in!

[Jennie] Even if it’s one in the morning?

[Joanne] Yes! I’ll wake up!


(JENNIE and JIM, her father, get in the car and leave the parking lot)

Scene 2: Driving

The time is 10:14 when JENNIE and JIM leave the parking lot. At 10:22, they take a picture of JIM’s cell phone to know the time.

[Jim] I think I’m going to go through Massachusetts to avoid any ice or snow in Vermont. It may take an extra hour or so, but I don’t want to risk it.

[Jennie] Okay. (She plugs Jim’s iPod into the car and puts it on shuffle)

The series of songs surprises JENNIE very much because there are many good songs and two songs from “Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum”

JENNIE sleeps

JENNIE takes pictures of driving with the shutter open for a while

JENNIE and JIM enter MASSACHUSETTS, then NEW YORK where they sleep for a few hours

JENNIE and JIM wake and continue driving

JENNIE sleeps

JENNIE wakes and navigates


(The sky becomes dark and overcast)

[Jim] I want to see some funnel clouds!

[Jennie] (nervously) I don’t.


[Jennie] You want to take 80/90 to 64 and pay 3.35 to take 75 to 475 and get on 23 to A2.


(An electric road sign reads, “I-475 EXPECT LONG DELAYS”)

[Jennie] Just stay on 75 and take 184 over to 23.

184 takes forever

23 takes not so long

JENNIE changes her clothes in the car under a green blanket

Scene 3: An Encounter at Borders

The time is slightly before 5 o’ clock and JENNIE doubts that Tally Hall is still at Borders. As JENNIE and JIM enter ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, JENNIE is surprised with the size of the city

JENNIE and JIM park in THE PARKING GARAGE (on level 3) very close to BORDERS

As JENNIE and JIM walk down the street to BORDERS, they see a man carrying what appear to be speakers

[Jim] Is that audio stuff?

[Jennie] It says JBL, those are speakers.

They enter BORDERS: FLOOR 1

BORDERS LADY 1 and BORDERS LADY 2 are visible and conversing

[Jim] (to Jennie) Ask them if they’re still here.

[Jennie] Hold on, I have to use the restroom.

[Jim] Ask them where the bathroom is.

[Jennie] No, it’s okay, (not having a clue where the bathroom is) agh, okay. (To Borders Lady 1) Excuse me; do you know where the restroom is?

[Borders Lady 1] Yes, if you just go upstairs and keep going straight, you’ll see them.

[Jennie] Thank you.

JENNIE and JIM walk to stairs and exit BORDERS: FLOOR 1

They enter BORDERS: FLOOR 2 when (around a table) ANDREW (standing, second in from right), ZUBIN (standing, far right), ROB (sitting, third from right), JOE (sitting, far left), and ROSS (sitting, second in from left) come into view in that order.

Looks of surprise come on each of their faces as JENNIE smiles and waves to them.

[Andrew] Hello.

[Jennie] Hello.

JENNIE approaches the table

[Rob] Wow, hello.

(There is a slight air of humor around the table)

JENNIE notices AL MCWILLIAMS standing to her left and that ROSS really does have some grey hairs (what she thought was a myth)

[Joe] Did you just come from the N.H.?

[Jennie] Yeup, we literally just parked in Ann Arbor.

(Miscellaneous conversing continues about how the drive was)

[Rob] Do you guys have a place to stay?

[Jennie] A car…

(Conversing continues, Jim talks to Andrew)

JENNIE exits to use the restroom

THE TALLIGANS (ANDREW, ZUBIN, ROB, JOE, and ROSS) eventually are all standing.

JENNIE re-enters and walks over to JIM and ANDREW

[Andrew] I can really recommend Zingerman’s. It’s a deli, a little overpriced, but really good.

[Jim] Where is it?

[Andrew] If you keep going down State Street and turn down a few streets… (JIM nor JENNIE remember his directions)… I don’t really live around here, but…

Directions continue, and ANDREW consults ROB and JOE who both say pretty much the same thing about Zingerman’s: It’s really good, but a little overpriced.

ANDREW grabs a TALLY HALL STICKER and writes “Zingerman’s (deli)” on the back with a silver sharpie so JIM and JENNIE can remember the name.


[Joe] (To Jennie) You really didn’t miss much (implying by missing the BORDERS performance). I miffed the solo in Be Born and Rob messed up the lyrics.

[Zubin] (To Jennie) TWO TIMES.

[Jennie] Two times? Awwhahah.

[Rob] We were all really tired.

[Joe] I’m not tired! (moving around) I’m great!

[Rob] Joe is in tired denial.

[Joe] I’m not tired! What makes you think I’m tired?

[Rob] Your eyes are half-open, you’re slurring your speech.

(Rob and Joe’s comical banter develops into a two-faced mother and son situation; Joe is the two-faced mother and Rob is the son)

[Joe] (To Jennie) He’s not usually like this. (To Rob, pulling his hands) Come on, come on. (smiles to Jennie (who laughs))


[Joe] (going around the circle (consisting of The Talligans, Unknown Musician, Jim, Jennie, and (I believe) Al McWilliams) Do you want a sharpie?

[Zubin] They’re ours?

[Joe] Yeah, I guess so.

JENNIE accepts a plain black sharpie and JIM accepts a silver sharpie.

THE TALLIGANS begin to come and go as they take their instruments and other items out of the Borders but conversing continues.

[Zubin] (carrying miscellaneous audio items) Well, I’ll see you later. (AUTHOR’S NOTE: Perhaps that line was dreamt by myself, but I swear Zubin said some type of parting phrase)

[Jennie] Okay, see you!

UNKNOWN MUSICIAN, AL MCWILLIAMS, JOE, and ROSS leave or have left and JIM, JENNIE, ROB, and ANDREW remain.

They converse a little more and the meeting begins to come to an end.

[Rob] (To Andrew) Do you want me to get your car?

[Andrew] (To Rob) You coming to my place?

[Rob] Well, yeah.


[Rob] Alright, well we’re going to head out, see you at The Blind Pig?

[Jennie] Yes. She shakes ROB’s (large) hands

(Handshaking continues: Jim/Rob, Jennie/Andrew, Jim/Andrew)

[Jennie] Okay, well bye!

ROB and ANDREW walk to the area with remaining instruments; JENNIE and JIM begin to exit, but JIM needs to use the restroom.

[Jim] Oh, where’re the bathrooms?

[Jennie] Over here. They walk to the restrooms I’ll wait here and look at the stationary JIM exits (sarcastically)because I love it so.

JENNIE waits

JIM re-enters


ROB and ANDREW come into view, JENNIE and JIM walk past them

[Jennie] (To Rob) Hey, bye again!

[Rob] Hah, bye!

JENNIE and JIM are walking out the doors when they notice ROB and ANDREW approaching, J&J hold open the doors for R&A

(Quiet laughter)

[Jennie] Ha, hey!


[Jim] (To ROB and ANDREW; sarcastically) Now watch that we show up outside your houses!


They say their goodbyes, R&A go to the left, J&J go to the right


[Jim] We should find out if the parking garage closes or something at all tonight.

[Jennie] Okay, I guess so.

They walk to the Parking Garage to see ANDREW standing on the sidewalk (opposite side of street) on a cell phone. They exchange waves.

[Jim] (To Jennie) Take a picture!

She does

PARKING GARAGE ATTENDANT (PGA (a female)) comes into view

[Jim] (To PGA) Is this open 24 hours?

[PGA] Yeup.

[Jim] What about overnight parking?

[PGA] 24 hours is 19.50.

[Jim] Thanks.

PGA exits; JIM and JENNIE walk around downtown ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN

Fade out


“Saturday, April 8, 2006: 10:00 AM-5:00 PM”

Scene 1: Detroit and Idiot Camps

JENNIE and JIM eat breakfast at DENNYS, JENNIE regrets it and is slightly nauseated. They then leave, planning to visit MARVIN’S MARVELOUS MECHANICAL MUSEUM

They drive

[Jennie] Do you want to go to Detroit first, and then on the way back go to Marvin’s?

[Jim] Sure.

JENNIE and JIM arrive in DETROIT, MICHIGAN and the setting is surprisingly run-down

DETROIT appears very desolate as they drive with very few people on the streets. JENNIE takes several pictures, especially of road signs that say WOODWARD.

[Jennie] (seeing a fairly large group of people, mostly adolescents, walking down the street) What are they doing?

[Jim] I think I heard on the news about some church youth group rally going on today.

Increasingly larger amounts of people begin to appear. They seem to be oblivious to traffic’s existence and are carrying signs and banners with phrases like “THE FIGHT TO SAVE YOUR GENERATION” and “I’VE ENLISTED”

[Jennie] (taking a picture of an “I’VE ENLISTED” banner) I’ve enlisted… to IDIOT CAMP! (she laughs)

Eventually, JIM and JENNIE get out of the insane mess of people and head out to MARVIN’S MARVELOUS MECHANICAL MUSEUM

Fade out

Scene 2: Marvin’s, marvelous!

JIM and JENNIE arrive at MARVIN’S after a couple of U-turns (a common thing of the trip)

MARVIN’S: A loud, eclectically-filled arcade with a many of flashing lights. JENNIE takes a picture of one thing she recognizes from the cover of the TALLY HALL album, and JIM & JENNIE continue walking then exit


“Saturday, April 8, 2006: 5:00 PM-11:59 PM”

Scene 1: PRE-SHOW- Religious Encounters of the Michigan Kind

JIM and JENNIE head back to the hotel. They have dinner at a Red Lobster across the street which JENNIE regrets and is slightly nauseated by. They then leave, go back to the hotel to freshen up, and depart for the concert and the intention of buying a MICHIGAN shirt.

J&J walk along State Street after parking on Level 5 of THE PARKING GARAGE and can hear the religious insanity preachings of MR. ACCEPT JESUS and see RELIGIOUS MAN 1 and RELIGIOUS MAN 2. MR. ACCEPT JESUS is standing on a wooden box of some sort directly outside a teamwear store carrying a sign that says “SIN- SIN- SINNERS!” with a picture of Jesus wearing a thorned crown and cross on it and RELIGIOUS MAN 1 is on the sidewalk near him. They stand across the street from JIM and JENNIE who are on the same side of the street as RELIGIOUS MAN 2.


RELIGIOUS MAN 2 approaches JENNIE who is standing with JIM. JENNIE does not acknowledge RELIGIOUS MAN 2

[RELIGIOUS MAN 2] Would you like a pamphlet?

[Jennie] No thank you.

[Jim] No. We’re not interested. I don’t like solicitors of any kind.

[RELIGIOUS MAN 2] But it’s about eternal life!

[Jennie] (laughs in her head)

The walk light comes on and the shirt search continues, resulting in a successful find.

Scene 2: PRE-SHOW- A Surprising Compliment

After purchasing the shirt and going to STARBUCKS, JIM and JENNIE head out to THE BLIND PIG.

They arrive in downtown ANN ARBOR once again, and, using their “BLIND PIG PARKING” map, they park in the ANN & ASHLEY STRUCTURE.

JENNIE puts her hat on, and JIM and JENNIE leave the parking structure.

Whilst crossing Washington Street, JENNIE hears an UNKNOWN MAN.

[Unknown Man] Hey! (somewhat obnoxiously) Nice Hat!

[Jennie] (automatically, the response has been engraved in her head) Thanks. She looks over to where the compliment came from to see JOE and ROB sitting in a FORD waiting to turn the corner. When she realizes it was JOE who said it, she double takes (Loudly) HEY!

JOE (driving) and ROB (passenger) turn the corner of Washington and Ashley, and JENNIE (comically; as usual) runs after their car.

JOE and ROB are stopped at a stop light and JENNIE catches up. She sends a wave and it is returned by JOE.

[Jim] (To Joe and Rob; jokingly) Can I have your autograph?

JOE mimics signing paper and tosses the non-existent sheet out his window. JOE and ROB turn the corner, JIM and JENNIE continue on the way to THE BLIND PIG.

Scene 3: PRE-SHOW- The Forumers

As JENNIE is walking down the 1st Street sidewalk, she sees the Blind Pig. Reflections of COZ and OLIVERGRINGOLD (OGG) on windows of The Blind Pig come into view


[Jennie] Hey!

[Coz] Hey!

[OGG] Ah, hey! I have something for you (getting out IBRAM’S BASEMENT PARTY DVD)

[Jennie] (to Jim) Oh, do you have my CD?

An exchange is made.

(Conversing continues about what was done, who went where, Captain Morgan’s from CVS, and that David Berger guy (AUTHOR’S NOTE: eghk))



[Jennie] D’you want to try on the hat now?

[Kitsune] Sure. He tries on the hat; JENNIE gets a picture

JOE and ROB say passing greetings to KITSUNE. BORA KORACA comes into view; JENNIE is excited more

(Conversing of COZ (and guest), OGG (and Mother), JIM, JENNIE, and KITSUNE continues as the line outside the door of The Blind Pig builds up)

BORA walks by again.

[Jennie] (silently, using somewhat frantic pointing motions, as Bora exits) That was Bora Koraca! (AUTHOR’S NOTE: I think I’m one of the founders of the Bora Koraca Fan Club)

[Coz] Oh, that was? Darn, I wanted to see him.

[Jennie] I loved him in “Pepperoni, too”. His facial expression was priceless.

[Coz] He was in that?

[Jennie] He was the guy working at the pizza place. He was in “The Other Way,” too. He was, well, the guy working at the pizza place.

[Coz] Hah, you should start a fan club group for him on myspace. (AUTHOR’S NOTE: I’m strongly considering doing so)

The line waiting builds even more. JENNIE, wearing her hat, walks out to the sidewalk to see if AV is there. No one in particular seems to recognize her, but she catches attention of a few people.


[Coz] (to Jennie) Yeah, aren’t you the opening act?

[Jennie] (playing along with the sarcasm) Hahah, yeeeahhh. I, uhh, don’t have my guitar.

[OGG] I just happen to have this mandolin!

[Jennie] I’ll sing the guitar parts when I’m not singing lyrics. I, uhh, have to go down this alley to warm up… and never come back.



[Coz] I hear that Joe is selling his frog.

[Jennie] Yellow Pac-Man frog? (she laughs)


A HUNGRY HOWIE’S delivery car pulls up in front of TBP. ANDREW gets the pizza.


[Jennie] Should we move into the line?

[Coz] I think that’s a good idea.

All move into space in line conveniently placed near them (a saved spot, perhaps).

Scene 4: IN THE PIG

The doors at TBP open, and people are let in. JENNIE walks in, gets an “M” written on each of her hands (for Marvin’s Museum, of course, not Minor-pff)



[A!] Hello.

[Jennie] Hello.

[A!] How are you?

[Jennie] Good. How are you?

[A!] Good! (AUTHOR’S NOTE: Deep conversation, eh?)

JENNIE walks over to JIM and hands him her new shirt and her hat to watch over during the concert. The AUDIENCE has built up more, but JENNIE sees an open spot directly in front of the microphone furthest left. She takes advantage.

ELENA, a girl around JENNIE’s age, at the concert with a friend- LAURA, looks at JENNIE

[Elena] Hi.

[Jennie] Hello. Are you from around here? (Hoping to meet someone from far away, to share traveling stories)

[Elena] Yeah, (AUTHOR’S NOTE: For her own safety, and because I just cannot remember exactly what she said, I’ve excluded what she said.)

[Jennie] Oh. Hah.

[Elena] Where are you from?

[Jennie] Uhh, New Hampshire. (slight laughter)


[Elena] (sitting on the stage) I feel like we’re getting trapped. I’m kind of claustrophobic, so I may end up just lying on the stage!

[Jennie] This place is a prime spot, though. (Pointing to the microphone in front of her) That’s where Joe usually sings.

[Elena] Oh, Joe’s so hott.

[Jennie] Hahah, yes, yes I guess he is. Sometimes, Joe and Rob switch places, and I have to say, I have quite the crush on Rob, too.

(Conversing continues)

Fade out


JENNIE, standing directly in front of the left-side microphone, is rather excited to hear/see DOWN THE LINE (DTL) play. She knew of DTL, but did not know much of their work.

As they played the opening song, JENNIE’s mouth (and ears) began to smile and could not stop.

During the show, ELENA, LAURA, and JENNIE are joined by BETHANY and FRIEND (AUTHOR’S NOTE: I’m so sorry I didn’t mention you and forgot the name of the other person!)

DTL plays an amazing set.

[Jennie] (To Dave, the guitar player of DTL) Amazing show.

[Dave] Thanks for smiling the whole time!

[Jennie] I couldn’t help it!

Fade out

Scene 5: THE show

Lights are low, the AUDIENCE grows quiet. Anticipation is high.

The door far left opens, THE TALLIGANS enter, wearing blackish-green full-body suits covered in Christmas lights (turned off) the AUDIENCE is now silent.

THE TALLIGANS get situated on stage.

JOE begins playing a song on his kazoo, and as he begins, his suit lights up. The rest of THE TALLIGANS individually join in, lighting up when partaking in the song, turning off while pausing.

After the Kazoo song, THE TALLIGANS play “Taken for a Ride”

After “Taken for a Ride,” THE TALLIGANS remove their body suits in a burlesque fashion to reveal typical concert attire. JOE puts on his shoes.

(The concert continues)


Welcome to Tally Hall

Two Wuv

Im Gonna Win (AUTHOR’S NOTE: The song’s lyrics are normal in the beginning, but the chorus part is different. Joe looked at me when he started singing the chorus, seeing what I think is if I would mess up the words. I didn’t. I just stopped singing.)


The Bidding

Time Machine

Spring and a Storm

Be Born

At least a Day (AUTHOR’S NOTE: This song brought me to tears, which continued to build throughout RoE)

Ruler of Everything

Banana Man

THE TALLIGANS exit, the AUDIENCE cheers with immense volume.

[Audience] (chanting and clapping) One more song! One more song! TA-LLY-HALL! TA-LLY-HALL! TA-LLY-HALL! TA-LLY-HALL!

[Bora] Yeah.

[Audience] TA-LLY-HALL!

[Bora] Uh.

[Audience] TA-LLY-HALL!

[Bora] What?

[Audience] TA-LLY-HALL!

[Bora] Yeah.

[Audience] TA-LLY-HALL!

[Bora] Uh.

[Audience] TA-LLY-HALL!

[Bora] What?

[Audience] TA-LLY-HALL!

THE TALLIGANS re-enter, the AUDIENCE grows to new decibel levels.

[Joe] It’s good to be back home!


Good Day

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Break it Down

Fade out

Scene 6: Post-Show

The temperature in THE BLIND PIG is very high, and the air is very humid. JENNIE walks over to JIM.

[Jennie] Holy cow. Did you take a lot of pictures?

[Jim] Yeah, I got some really good ones. Oh! I met Joe’s sister.

[Jennie] Melissa?

[Jim] His younger sister, ehh, I can’t remember the name. Her eyes were just like his, though. (AUTHOR’S NOTE: It is confirmed that it was Elizabeth.)

Jennie steps up a level.

[Jennie] Where was she?

[Jim] (pointing to an area further from the stage than him) Over there.

Jennie begins to walk around slowly, in that direction.

[Jennie] I wanted to meet her because she said on myspace she’d be here. MELISSA comes into view; they make eye contact

[Melissa] Oh, hi!

[Jennie] Hi!

[Melissa] Jennie? Melissa.

[Jennie] Hah, yeah.

(They converse briefly)


JENNIE and JIM walk over to corner where THE TALLIGANS seem to be gathering

AV! enters

[Jennie] Hey!

[AV!] Hey!

(They converse)

AV! exits, BORA enters, JENNIE turns around, BORA and JENNIE shake hands

[Bora] (smiling) Hello… Susan.

[Jennie] (laughing) Susan?

[Bora] Well, I don’t know your name.

[Jennie] (slight laughter) Jennie.

AV enters

(AV!, Bora, and Jennie converse about Bora’s hair, it’s awesomeness, the hat, etc)



[Andrew’s Mother] (To Jennie) Oh, hello!

[Jennie] Hello!

[A’s Mother] I’m Andrew’s mom, I recognized the hat!

[Jennie] Hahah, oh, yes I think I remember you from a journal post a while ago.

[A’s Mother] I remember the hat from the New Jersey concert.

[Jennie] Oh, you were there?

(Etc, they converse)


Fade to JENNIE and JIM conversing with JOE’S MOTHER and JOE’S FATHER

[Jim]They’re great kids, though.

[Joe’s Father] They are, I mean, they work hard at what they do. I was just surprised when Joe got into this. He was going for film, but I guess I always knew he’d get a job in entertainment.

(Conversing continues)


JENNIE walks over towards the small step where ZUBIN and JOE are

[Zubin] Hey, Jennie.

[Jennie] Hey, Zubin.

[Zubin] How are you?

[Jennie] I’m good. A little lightheaded, but I’m good.

[Zubin] Yeah, I’m a little hoarse… from all the singing.

[Jennie] Yeah, hah hah.


[Joe] Have you met Butler?

[Jennie] Butler?

[Joe] My frog! points

[Jennie] Oh… hah! She walks over to the TANK where BORA is standing

JENNIE and BORA observe BUTLER in silence for around a minute, JENNIE takes a picture of BUTLER, BORA exits, JENNIE takes another picture.

Elena enters

[Elena] You took a picture of the frog?

[Jennie] Yehah!

JENNIE steps down back to normal level and walks over to JIM and ANDREW conversing. On the way over, BORA and winks at her. JENNIE laughs and winks back. She shakes ANDREW’s hand and gives JIM the camera. She moves over to the vicinity where ROB is and sits on a stool.

JENNIE observes JOE and MELISSA talking.

[Joe] I did not know you were coming to this tonight.

[Melissa] You’re selling your frog?

(They continue)

Once ROB is done conversing with CONCERT ATTENDEE, he turns to JENNIE. They hug.

[Jennie] Oh, my. You are quite sw–

[Rob] Sweaty? Yeah. Just a little.

(They converse briefly)

ZUBIN enters

[Zubin] I think I’m going to come over here to wind down.

(Conversing continues, subject changes)

JIM enters

[Rob] Those suits we wore actually had Christmas lights sewn onto them. We sewed them on, and it took a loooong time.

[Jim] How did you turn the lights on and off?

[Rob] We had pedals.

[Zubin] Pedals we step on and it turns them on.

[Rob] We originally tried wiring them ourselves with one of those Radio Shack kits, by stripping the wires and doing it all, but Zubin’s dad is an electrician and he said that’d be pretty damn–DARN dangerous (Zubin begins to laugh heavily)… but then we actually found these buttons made to turn Christmas lights on and off.

[Jennie] Hah, buttons made just for Christmas lights?

[Rob] Yeah.

[Zubin] Those stars really helped though.

[Rob] Yes! They really made a difference. (To Jennie) Ross went out and bought glow-in-the-dark stars to put on the pedals. Heh, if we didn’t have those I don’t think we would have seen them at all.

(Conversing continues)

Mid-conversation, DAVE (of Down the Line) walks through and goes out the nearby door saying something, really loud, in a comical way. CUTIE MCHOT— I mean, AL MCWILLIAMS also passes through, saying “good jobs,” etc.

JENNIE and JIM begin to leave, ZUBIN and ROB go back to face other fans. As JENNIE and JIM are walking out of THE BLIND PIG…

[Rob] Hey! What’s your dad’s name?

[Jim] Jim!

[Rob] What?

[Jennie] Jim! Jim and Jennie!

[Rob] Oh!

[Jennie] (waving) Bye!

[Rob] Bye!

Fade out



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