Camping w/ Tally Hall

So, last Wednesday, as in 8/9/06, Tally Hall came to Boston. They were playing an 18+ show at the Paradise Lounge.

My friend Ani and I decided that we wanted to go into Boston that day and maybe meet the band beforehand, because I knew that stuff like that happens in TallyLand. Plus, it was Ani’s birthday, and she loves Tally Hall almost as much as I do (I introduced them to her).
Unfortunately, about a week ahead of time, I realized: Oh, wait- I’m going camping that day. darnit, I can’t go. But, Ani decided to still go. So I gave her money so she could buy me Tally gear, and went off camping.

Ani ( and our friend Tess) traveled to Boston that day, walked many miles to find the Paradise, and proceeded to search for the Tallies. I kept getting calls from them which sounded like this: “So, yeah. We can’t find them.” me:” Look for the van, or something. It’s big and blue.” Ani::”wait, is that them? gah! No! they’re disappearing! Come back!”

finally, they sat down and waited outside of the Paradise. Eventually, according to Ani, the security guy finally went and got the band for them. All I know is that at around 6:00 or 6:30, I got a call

“Hey meg, guess who’s standing in front of me?”

me: “I wonder.”

Ani: “Yeah, I found them! Here, talk to Zubin.”

Zubin: “Hi Meg! This is Zubin, we’re sorry you couldn’t come today.”

Me: “Yeah, me too.”

Zubin: “So, how’s the camping?”

me: “Good. We just got here.”

at this point, my friend Jazzy, who was camping with me (and didn’t know who I was talking to) interrupted: “Tell them Jazzy says ‘Potato!'”

me: “Umm, Jazzy says potato.”

Zubin: “wait, what about a potato?”

me: “Jazzy says potato!”

Zubin: “Ummm.. I’m not sure I understand. here, talk to Joe.”

Joe: “Hi meg! So, what is this about a potato?”

me: “Oh, my friend Jazzy wanted me to say that she said ‘Potato’.”

Joe: “Who’s Jazzy? what?”

Me: “This is Jazzy.” (pass phone to Jazzy)

Jazzy: “HI!” (gives phone back)

Joe (to Ani): “Wait, Is Meg Jazzy? Do you call her Jazzy? Who is Jazzy?”

Me: “No, Jazzy’s my friend, she’s a different person, and she’s here camping with me. she just wanted to say potato.”

Joe: “Here, let’s change the subject. Do you like fetching dogs, Meg?”

Me: “ummm… I dunno.”

Joe: “Here, talk to Rob about it.”

Rob: “So what about dog-fetching? This is Rob, by the way.”

Me: “I dunno. Joe just made that up, I swear.”

Rob: “Oh. Well, thanks for being here, Meg. Or, well, for being here in spirit, since you can’t be here.”

Me: “yeah, I really wanted to come, but I’m camping.”

Rob: “Yeah, we heard. How is the camping going?”

Me: “umm.. good.”

Rob: “Cool. Here, do you want to talk to the other members, you know, complete the circle?”

Me: “Sure.”

Rob: “Who do you want to talk to? There’s, let’s see, there’s Ross, and, uh… Ron.”

Me: “Ummm… I’ll talk to Ross.”

Rob: “Okay, here.”

Ross: “Hey. Thanks for choosing me over Ron.”

Me: “umm… sure, no problem.”

Ross: “So what are you doing now?”

me: “umm.. nothing really.”

Ross: “Okay, well, we’re setting up our acoustic stuff to play you something, so here. Talk to Ron.”

me: “Okay.”

Ron (aka Andrew): “Hey, this is Ron.”

me: (laughing) “Hi.”

Andrew: “No, actually it’s Andrew.”

me:”yah, I figured.”

Andrew: “So, we’re gonna play a song for you, and, uh, Ani and Tess here.”

Me: “Cool.”

Andrew: “So I gotta go, here talk to Ani again.”

Ani: “Hey! Isn’t this awesome?”

me: “chyah! what song are they gonna play?”

Ani: “i dunno. They can only play one, so we get to request it.”

me: “what song do you want?”

Ani: “Well, I’d choose Greener, but you knew that already. you pick.”

me: “Okay.”

Rob: “hey, Meg?”

me: “yeah?”

Rob: “We’re gonna play an acuostic song for you, but you need to pick a song for us, okay?”

me: “mm-hmm.” (thinking)

(more thinking)

Rob: “Meg? hey, it seems like Meg actually doesn’t know any of our songs, guys.”

Me: “NO! No, I mean, it’s just a really tough decision, sorry.”

Rob: “Oh, so nevermind, apparently its just a tough decision.”

me: “ummm….ummm… how about Greener and/or Spring and a Storm?”

Rob: “Greener and’or Spring and a Storm? Okay, well, I’ll hand the final decision over to Tess. Tess?”

Tess: “ummm.. Greener?”

Rob: “Greener it is. here. talk to Ani.”

Ani: “gha;kughyfbgnakrjgh! this is so great.”

me: “I know, I can’t believe it.”

Ani: “here, they’re starting.”

And then they played greener. All of which I heard/sang along to over my cell phone. In the middle of the woods in New Hampshire. can you say amazing?

Rob: “So, Meg, we’re glad you were here in spirit.”

me: “Me too.”

Rob: “thanks for supporting us! here’s Ani again.”

Ani: “okay I gotta go bye.”

mere minutes later, my phone rings again.

ani: “hey, Meg? What size/type of shirt do you want?”

Me: “umm.. how about a small Tally Hall shirt shirt.”

Ani: “Okay. I’ma see if they can sign stuff, too. But they have to go soon to set up and stuff, so I dunno.”

me: “it’s okay. Whatever. Thank you Ani!”

Ani: “mmhmm. bye.”

So, in conlusion, I am now the proud owner of a Tally Hall shirt shirt. And I like fetching dogs. And Jazzy and I are the same person, even though we’re not. And Greener is an amazing song.

Ani will eventually give me her version of the day’s events. Which I will dutifully pass on to the Tally world. She also has pistures, I hear. Including one of Joe patting Zubin (or Zubin patting Joe) on the head. They’ll make their way here, eventually.

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