Music Video For Hawaii: Part II’s “Stranded Lullaby”

This evening, the official twitter for Hawaii: Part II tweeted out the url to its own site. Found on the site is nothing more than a new music video for the song “Stranded Lullaby.”

Stranded Lullaby (Ghost) from ?????????? on Vimeo.

As you can see, the song here is being called “Stranded Lullaby (Ghost)” and as you can hear, the recording is not actually from the album. It seems to be audio from a single microphone recording Joe in a room with a keyboard. Joe has always had different ideas of what music videos could or should be and this is no exception.

Nothing else appears on the website at the moment, but you can still access and purchase the music on, which seems to randomly change which songs are available for streaming

And, in case you missed it, you can order the album now, along with a handwritten postcard, PLUS the bonus pre-order song “Variations On A Cloud” by visiting

Here’s what yours may look like:

Source: Oliver Gringold


Source: @JoshFace5000

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