Joe Hawley Releases Hawaii: Part II: Part ii

Fans of Tally Hall & Joe Hawley got a great surprise this evening when Joe posted a Facebook update to a newly resurrected (which had been down for the last few months). If you could stomach the seizure-inducing flashing of the old and new album covers, you’d find your way to a new storefront where, along with Hawaii: Part II sells for $11, you could also purchase Hawaii: Part II: Part ii; 2 hours and 2 minutes worth of LOSSLESS QUALITY demos, outtakes, and instrumentals of all the songs from Hawaii: Part II. All for $13.

This is totally worth $13. The demos and instrumentals are really incredible to listen to, especially the ones recorded and intended originally for Tally Hall. And those instrumentals? Do you know what you can do with those?! Take them to your favorite karaoke DJ and tell them to play it while you blissfully sing along in front of a crowd of people who have NO IDEA what you’re singing!

If you want to skip the seizure and go right to the store, this will get you to the two albums:
This link will get you to the $1 download of “Variations On A Cloud”:

Hawaii: Part II: Part ii track list
Hawaii: Part II: Part ii track list

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