Labyrinth Game Updated With Unheard Hidden Demo [UPDATED]

Ceci n’est pas une cartridge.

The  ?????????? & Wonderfling crews happily announced updates to the Labyrinth game today.  But there wasn’t really much said about it.  So after speaking with the developers, I have some details you might want to know about…

First off, this version is much more stable. At launch, the game was hastily thrown together in a matter of weeks. They put out a pretty amazing product in that short amount of time, but it was far from perfect in anyone’s eyes. So over the last few months, they’ve been working hard to make sure this thing WORKS the way you expect. It’s now a pretty well fleshed-out game. Make no mistake, this isn’t just a quaint, little bonus doo-dad for the hardcore fans. Labyrinth stands on its own as a real, honest-to-goodness indie game.

One complaint people had, aside from the stability, was the difficulty. It’s not that it was hard, it was just confusing. Well, I’m happy to report that a couple puzzles have been reworked for much smoother, inviting (and dare I say it, “easier”) gameplay. A few new puzzles were added, too, with some new secret areas; one of which leads you to a princess, followed by a lengthy challenge that rewards you with an entirely different alternate ending. Yes, I said a princess.

Here lies the spot where the 2015 April Fools Day prank once lived. I promised you the original demo of the song “Murders” if you did a certain thing at a certain spot in the game (missed it?). That part isn’t true. I’m a jerk sometimes. Well, usually only on April Fools Day. But I promised you the song and the song ye shall have! Happy April Fools Day, everyone!!!

If you’ve not yet downloaded the game, go here:

NOTE: You do not have to go through the Paypal donate area to get the game if you already downloaded it. Just go to the link that was emailed to you after your original donation and re-download it for the updated version of the game. If you cannot locate your email, send a note to the developers at with the email address you registered with (your paypal address, probably) and they can confirm your original order and send you a download link.

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