Welcome to H.I.T.S.!

Welcome, dear readers, to the grand opening of HIDDENINTHESAND.COM, the ultimate Tally Hall fan headquarters!

In Tally Hall news, I must remind you to watch The O.C. on Fox this Thursday, April 6th. Tally Hall’s song “Good Day” will be featured and that’s a sweet little thing right there.

Some of Tally Hall’s most dedicated and rabid fans are coming from all around the country to gather in Ann Arbor this Saturday for one and/or both of Tally Hall’s sets at The Blind Pig. I will be there with my friend Liz and I’m looking forward to meeting some of you. Not all of you. Maybe some of all of you.

Let me give you a quick run-down of the site and how you can use it….

For future reference, you can use those feeds on the side to tap into the H.I.T.S. news from many different newsfeeders and newsreaders and soupeaters and tapefeelers. The RSS is probably the best because if you use FireFox, you’ll notice an icon in the URL bar that allows you to create a live bookmark. Livebookmarks are cool and they make it easier to catch up on H.I.T.S. headlines without viewing the site all the time.

The site is not complete, as you will find as you look around. I’ve added a temporary menu item called “H.I.T.S. Status” and you can check on any bugs I know about and what things I plan on adding or fixing. If you come across something I don’t know, please let me know by emailing me through the contact page.

The FAQ system is HUGE and is designed with everyone in mind. Visit it and the front page will tell you more about how to use it.

The chatroom has endless possibilities! I’ve noticed it’s a little buggy though and I will do what I can to ease any frustration it may cause. Sometimes if a background image doesn’t show up, you can re-size the window manually and it will correct itself. It’s recommended to use the “pop-up window” login when you first enter.

Finally, please know this is not your typical fansite with a collection of all the Tally Hall pictures in the world, or their lyrics, or stuff like that. This is a fan headquarters and focuses on the fans. You most likely won’t find many things at all on here that are also offered on the official website of the band. Now go enjoy yourselves for cryin’ out loud!!!


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