Late, Late Show Video & Wrap-up

Well, the live chat went grrrreat last night. We were pleasantly surprised by all the band members joining in on the chat a little bit after the show ended. They answered questions and took in a lot of praise for their wonderful performance.

Thanks to “Spoon” on the forum, I am able to provide you with the video from last night. VIDEO FROM THE LATE, LATE SHOW PERFORMANCE

We also learned that they performed Craig’s favorite song from MMMM, “Spring And A Storm”, and CBS will broadcast that performance at a later date. So keep an eye out for that.

Some people were confused by Craig saying that the album will be available in September. Although we all know that the album has been available since last November, it may interest you to know that on September 12th, the album “Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum” will be re-released with much wider distribution and a good deal of publicity behind it. This will be topped off with the release of their new video for a song that is being held secret per the band’s request. Rest assured, this video will be a full-length, very ambitious effort on the band’s part and nothing like what they’ve done before. More news on that when it comes in.

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