CONFIRMED: Signed To Atlantic

For months, now, there have been rumors floating about that Tally Hall has signed with Atlantic Records. Until recently those rumors were false. True, the band has been in talks with Atlantic (who released The O.C. Mix 6 featuring Tally Hall’s cover version of The Killers’ “Smile Like You Mean It”) but never officially inked a deal until very recently.

This calls for a re-release of M.M.M.M., which the band is currently re-polishing, and generally preparing for their major-label splash on the scene. This splash will no doubt finally bring the much-anticipated, finely tuned, maniacal music video for “Good Day” as well as other top secret stuff that I can’t even begin to hint around because no one’s got a clue. Don’t hold your breath, though, they’ll be working throughout the spring and summer to get this shock-and-awe grand entrance ready for the world.

Congratulations to Tally Hall.

If you live in the NYC area (or even if you don’t) you can catch them at The Knitting Factory on May 1st 2007. More info here.


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