MTV VMA Voting Instructions

Tally Hall’s Good Day is amongst the large list of videos up for nomination for a Video Music Award from MTV in the category of BEST POP VIDEO.

This year, MTV decided (it’s beyond me WHY, though) that it would be a good idea to let the public vote on which videos make the final nomination list. If Good Day gets enough votes to be included in the list of nominations, they’ll be eligible to win the big prize, but really… being a nominee is reward enough, right? Regardless… it’s up to US, the fans, to come together and make this happen. Can you do it? Can you convince all your friends to do it?

Go to

There appears to be a glitch and the vote button doesn’t show up. Safari works fine.

Click VOTE. You will most likely have to register an account with Fine. It’ll take a minute. Then go back to that page and click VOTE again. Now you’ve voted!

Can you vote more than once? I don’t know! But it sure LOOKS like you can. So use up any spare moments of time trying. Until further notice.



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