Tally Hall Update

A few of you reminded me that my update on Tally Hall was removed after the v.2 launch took place. So here it is… the 411 on Tally Hall.

HITS News Update, 6.29.08:

I received word from Andrew about what’s going on with Tally Hall and here is what I found out….

INTERNET SHOW: Five episodes are done and have been so for months. They’re finishing up the last of an additional 5. They’re currently deciding on when and how to start it and how often to release them. Tentatively, they’re scheduled to start in August along side of the big promotional push for MMMM.

MUSIC: They are actively writing new music. Due to being at different places in their lives, and getting older, their sound has shifted, Andrew says.

WEBSITE: Should be up and running in a few weeks.

DELAYS: Andrew cites miscommunications between the band and the label & management.

By the way… The HITS Galleries now has Audio?!? That’s insane!


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