Back to you, Craig! (updated 8/15/08)

According to, Tally Hall will be appearing once more on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson to assist in promoting the Tally Hall Internet Show (which will forever on be referred to as T.H.I.S.)

They also confirm the September 15th debut date for THIS, just as is now doing, too.

Some may remember that during their first trip to The Late, Late Show’s studios in August ’06, they recorded Good Day (which was aired) and Spring & A Storm, which was intended for a later airing but never happened. No word yet on if the old taping will be the one to appear.

UPDATE 8/15/08:
Tally Hall & Atlantic Records has issued a press release stating the Craig Ferguson appearance will occur on September 16th. Read the press release here, written entirely with Tally Hall wit.


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