New Album In ’09: Very Likely

While fans have been asking and speculating about a new album since early 2006, there’s never been any public word spoken by the band on when they’ll begin recording a new one.

Today, a brief interview by Metromix with Tally Hall was posted on YouTube and in it, Andrew states he’s predicting they’ll be in the studio by January 2009, which could likely mean a release date by the end of ’09.

With this news, let’s do the traditional cataloging of songs we know about that have potential to end up on the upcoming album.

  • Inside The Mind of Simon
  • Maybe In The Night
  • I’m Gonna Win
  • Misery Fell
  • Turn The Lights Off
  • Time Machine
  • At Least A Day
  • Matters (working title, never performed live)

And just for kicks, let’s throw in:

  • (I Know) It’s Just The Same

Now, some of these are already a few years old and I was told that they have been continually writing throughout this time.   I was told to expect a matured sound and with all the hell they’ve gone through with touring for 3 years, suffering from delay after delay after delay, it wouldn’t surprise me to hear a darker overtone on their next effort.   But that’s just my personal prediction at this time.

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