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As reported a few days ago, Good Day will be on the upcoming expansion pack to The Sims: “The Sims: Apartment Life”.

Well, if you’re a follower of the popular game series, you wouldn’t be all that surprised to find that what you’ll hear will be a new recording of Good Day, done entirely in Simlish, which isn’t all that uncommon a thing to do these days. Check out Lily Allen’s song “Smile” re-done (by her) in Simlish on YouTube.

EDIT 9/23/08: A leak of the songs is available here.

When asked if the people from Rock Band or Guitar Hero has approached the band to use a Tally Hall song for their respective games, Andrew says it would be great but no, nothing yet.

For those who are as anxious to witness the Tally Hall Internet Show as I am (and I know you all are!), set your eyes on the middle of September. This is the latest in predictions and the band is as serious as ever in making sure it finally happens this time… however, it looks like the actual proverbial ribbon-cutter is out of their hands, so no one can confidently give a guarantee just yet.

Speaking of YouTube, The HITS Channel is up to part 8 of 15 in the Entire Concert Experience series. Hope you’re enjoying! Also, if you’re a fan of Tally Hall and YouTube, stay closely tuned to HITS for an upcoming contest!!!


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