Late, Late Show Wrapup

Well I’d say the HITS chat party was fairly successful.  Still, not a LOT of Tally Hall fans came to show their support, but I’m sure many were watching.

The first video has surfaced on YouTube and I’m sure a few others will follow, but for now take a look at the newly vested men of Tally Hall singing “Welcome To Tally Hall” on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson

After the show ended, Andrew came in to the chatroom to answer some question and accept lots of praise. Joe attempted to join in, too, but was too late.

Andrew let us know that a fairly elaborate bit was filmed with Craig for future use by the LLS, but he was tight-lipped on what exactly it is about. He said it will be bizarre and probably will air within the next month or so, but it’s out of their hands now.

As far as the vests go, Mr. Horowitz says “we wanted to clean up the look. we’ve always wanted the colors to be our thing, not necessarily ties”

More discussion on the performance and chat party here!

Check back soon as further edits will be made to this post to include updated footage, info, etc.

EDIT 9/22/08 4:12pm EST:
The first “real” video of the TV footage has just surfaced.  (Bout time!  Sheesh…)

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