Tally Hall’s Internet Show is Launched

Just about 25 minutes ago, T.H.I.S. launched along with the re-designed tallyhall.com. (whew, thank goodness it wasn’t that demo site we saw a few months ago!)

So this first episode had me cracking up quite a bit.  A surprisingly low number of scenes were ever seen before, so that was good.  Even the old ones, like the SALT bit are still great, though.  Please join in the HITS forums and discuss your thoughts.  We’d love to know them and I bet the band would, too, seeing as their forums are still down.

As for their new website, it’s got the blog all ready to go, an absurdly long biography (which in it’s simple concept of being rediculously long, is still very funny to me because it’s just another thing that’s never been done before, or at least, not to my knowledge), a media section, and of course the news and events.  Gone are the “fun” sections of the site like the FAQ, Links, Did You Know?, and whatever else I may be forgetting in my haste.  I’m guessing since each section has it’s own “color” in the menu, they are trying to limit the number of sections to 5.

More to come soon, I’m sure.  But keep an eye on the forums for discussion, analyzations, etc.

REMINDER:   Tomorrow night Tally Hall appears on The Late, Late Show w/ Craig Ferguson.  We’re having a “chatroom party” here at HITS during that appearance.  Just go to www.hiddeninthesand.com/chat2/ by about midnight tomorrow (Tuesday night).


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