New Internette Shoppe(s)

This evening on Twitter, Andrew nonchalantly unveiled the all-new Tally Hall online store, otherwise known as the Internette Shoppe. Not only is the vinyl MMMM available for public purchase now, there’s also 2 new t-shirt designs, one of which is also a new sticker design.

The best part about all this is for the first time in 4 years, you can purchase all this online! It’s been 4 years since they offered shirts online!

Check it all out at


All this comes on the heal of the debut of The HITS Schwag Shop, announced last Friday (via Twitter, no less). Sure, the Tally Hall merch is a must-buy, so why would you want to purchase HITS stuff? The money will not only help me maintain this site (right now it’s still 100% out-of-pocket), but you’ll also be able to spot other fans at shows without being the creep who wears the band t-shirt of the band they’re there to see! Haha. Don’t worry, I do it too. But it would still be cool to be at a show and see people wearing a HITS shirt

…while filming it on their HITS-branded Flip MinoHD digital camcorder!

P.S. The vinyl looks awesome when framed:
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