Tally Hall Touring In May?

An unofficial announcement today from Zubin’s Twitter account indicates there will be a Tally Hall tour in May.  No further details have surfaced.  Stay tuned…

I am personally surprised by this because they’re supposed to be recording, or at least preparing to record in May.  If a tour occurs, I fear the record will be delayed further than previously predicted (from Fall to Winter).  Guess we’ll wait and see.

UPDATE:  The tour is scheduled before they begin recording, giving more weight to the original Fall release prediction, but it’s beginning to look more like a Winter one to me, now.  More details on the tour  to be released Friday, if not sooner.

UPDATE 2:  One date has surfaced.  5/20 at Mr. Smalls in Millvale, PA (Pittsburgh).  Keep your eye on the HITS Twitter account as dates come in.  http://www.twitter.com/hiddeninthesand — there will not be another news update at this location until all the dates are in.


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