Tweaking & Tweeting

I have the desire to tweak the site in a few ways.  I really want to cut down on what I consider to be a tremendously long load time. That is to say, it takes too long for the pages to load.  Unfortunately, much of that is the content coming from other sites which are causing the delay.  So, I am not sure how much I can do but I hope to try, at least, in the near future.

I’ve added a Twitter widget at the top so you can scroll through the latest HITS tweets instead of just staring at the latest one. This is occuring on the home page only… for now, at least.

In the old tweet spot, I put a link to HITS Mobile!  which is still in beta.  Why?  Because not enough people are using it yet to give me feedback.  So… if you think of it, bookmark it on your phones and give me your thoughts.  It will be updated frequently in accordance with your feedback.

Speaking of Twitter, have you been watching the HITS Twitter lately?  I’ve got download codes from Atlantic Records for Tally Hall’s studio recordings of the bonus Marvin’s material: Just A Friend, Dream, and Mucka Blucka.  If you don’t have these songs, you best be following HITS and get in on the trivia and random giveaways.  These bonus songs aren’t on any albums and they are FANTASTIC.

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