Setlist for Blind Pig 5/15/09

Thanks to Twitter user @milpreve, we have acquired the setlist for their mini-tour show opener at The Blind Pig which ended a few hours ago.

(click for larger view)

Here we see the song titles with personal reminders for guitar effects, it looks like, but it could be vocal, too. Plus a reminder to Ross to use brushes on The Gap.

This was not exactly what they played, however. Ruler of Everything was played after Turn The Lights Off, I understand. That’s all I know at this moment.

New Songs:

  • A Lady
  • You And Me
  • Hymn For A Scarecrow
  • The Gap
  • & (Pronounced “And” not “Ampersand”)

Newish songs:

  • Sacred Beast
  • Never Meant To Know
  • Misery Fell
  • Turn the Lights Off

I was really hoping to see Maybe In The Night brought back, but maybe a future show will have it.   It was only played a few times back in ’07.   Of course there were a few others I’d like to see, too, but there’s plenty of time for that… another time.

As always, feel free to type out your experience in the FanJournals.   And the HITS Galleries is just itching for some new photo albums from you, too!

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