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Has Twitter replaced the tour journal?

Tally Hall’s tour journal (see also: blog) has been an important facet in the band’s image, communications, and connection with their fans. Each entry was eagerly anticipated, not just for the morsel of an update, but for the humor that embraced each one. It sometimes came in the form of a photograph or in the form of a short video. In whatever medium it was, we knew it would be entertaining.

There’s not been much updating, though, since the adoption of Twitter. With this mini-tour underway, the tour journals are learning humility. All the band members tweet with their own senses of humor. Often times, it’s still in the form of a photograph but this time it’s from one of their iPhones.

Ross just posted a photo of a large power switch sitting outside a building with nothing preventing it from being switched on or off. His attached commentary states: “This just doesn’t seem like a good place for this switch, whatever it may control”. Zubin today decided to share with everyone his hacky sack casualty. With each member updating when and where they want, it’s a pretty constant flow of what’s happening and when, exactly, it’s happening. Saturday night, Rob was punched in the face by a random stranger on the street. One of the first things he did was take a photo and tweet about it. (Don’t worry, Rob was more stunned than injured and the man was arrested moments later.)

So if you’ve been wearing away at the Refresh button on your browser, which has been transfixed on www.tallyhall.com, waiting with baited breath for the next update… you’re looking in the wrong direction, pal.

Sure, follow Tally Hall on Twitter; but, not just the band’s official account: www.twitter.com/tallyhall
The GOOD stuff is happening on their personal accounts.
www.twitter.com/robcantor (Rob)
www.twitter.com/adhorowi (Andrew)
www.twitter.com/sedghizu (Zubin)
www.twitter.com/_MR_F_ (Ross)
www.twitter.com/joehawley (Joe)

Go ahead and tweet. It’s OK.

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