Unlisted Shows Coming Up

For whatever funky reason, no one can officially announce this but it’s a measly 8 days away, so you should know: Tally Hall is 99.99% playing Northwestern Univ. Dillo Day on 5/30 with NERD, The Decemberists, Estelle, and more! http://bit.ly/WaRcv

Since no one can CONFIRM this as of right now, I cannot guarantee this to you. However, it’s a very safe bet that if you begin to plan now to see them that night, it’ll pay off because it will be announced soon.

Also, a reminder that they’ll also be playing the Wayne State University Midsummer Nights In Midtown Festival on June 4th with Malcolm-Jamal Warner (aka Theo Huxtable from The Cosby Show). This one is listed on their site, but neither Tally Hall nor Atlantic has made this announcement yet.

5/30/09 – Chicago, IL – Northwestern University’s “Dillo Day”
6/4/09 – Detroit, MI – Wayne State University’s “Midsummer Nights In Midtown”

I’m tellin’ you…. they’re happening.

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