Introducing HITS Blogs!

What is HITS Blogs? It’s totally new and yet, not new at all.
It’s sushi, and yet, not sushi at all.
It’s love… and hate… good & evil… and yet, it’s none of those things.

HITS Blogs is simply a culmination of HITS News & HITS FanJournals.
Why? I’ll tell you the top three reasons:

  1. Less log-ins. Your one name (use either the HITS FriendConnect Community login or create a new WordPress login) will grant you access to comment on any article plus create your own.
  2. Less places to search.  When looking for Tally Hall information, you don’t want to go searching in all these different places.  The whole purpose of HITS, after all, is to be the one-stop shop for everything Tally Hall.  So, why not cut down on the areas to search within the site?
  3. It’s all powered by WordPress which will allow easy, across-the-board modifications instantly. Plus, it’s pretty easy for the blog-illiterate to use.

The main menu at the top will continue to show two separate links into the appropriate sections of the Blogs.  They each also still have their own feeds to subscribe to.

Since I was changing so much, I decided to add some more sub-categories to the FanJournals.

  • Audio – A place to post links (or embed) any Tally Hall-related audio you wish to share with the community.
  • Dreams – More often than you may think, fans will discuss dreams they’ve had with Tally Hall in them.  Here’s where you can share them.
  • Fan Editorials – Oh man.  Here’s your chance to write up an editorial-style article on the band.  Write up your album reviews, your theories on song-meanings, or any lengthy thoughts you wish to open up for discussion.

To get things started, I went rogue and posted a little treat for you in the Audio section… without permission.  So if you haven’t heard it yet, hurry up and do it because it may get pulled.

As always, your feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

p.s.  If you’ve had an article posted before, you still have an account here, but if you cannot log in, let me know and I can reset your password (which may be necessary).  If you’ve signed up but never posted anything or simply only commented before, you will need to register again (or just use your HITS FriendConnect Community login).


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